Congregazione Femminile San Antonio Di Padova, 1940-1973

Name: Congregazione Femminile San Antonio Di Padova, 1940-1973

Call Number: Mss-3266

Bulk: 0.4 cubic feet


The Congregazione Femminile San Antonio Di Padova was an organization composed of women from Italian descent of the congregation of San Antonio.  They were formed in 1940 with the purpose of honoring and having a festival in the honor of the name of San Antonio on the 13th of June of each year.  Their other purpose was to foster and promote friendship and good will between members of this organization.  Many of the records in this collection are in Italian.

Administration Note:

This collection was donated in 2011 by Mario A. Carini on behalf of the organization.  The collection was processed in June 2011 by Amanda Koehler.


Box Number


Articles of Incorporation, 1940 1 1
Financial Records, 1952-1973 1 2
Membership Book, 1956-1973 (Last Name – A to C) 1 3
Membership Book, 1956-1973 (Last Name – D to M) 1 4
Membership Book, 1956-1973 (Last Name – N to Z) 1 5
Membership Booklets, 1940-1973 1 6
Membership Booklets, 1967-1973, undated 1 7
Membership Listing, undated 1 8
Wills of Members, undated 1 9