Kilbourn, Byron Papers

Title: Kilbourn, Byron Papers

Call Number: Mss-0644

Inclusive Dates: 1823-1839

Bulk: 3.061 cu. ft.

Location:        Sm Mss (0.06 cu. ft.)
BV, Sh. 334 & 341 (3.0 cu. ft.)
MV, Sh. 055 (1 item)
Abstract: Byron Kilbourn was one of Milwaukee’ founding fathers.  He was born in Connecticut in 1803 and moved with his family to Ohio, where he found work as a surveyor.  He believed the area around the Milwaukee River a promising site for development, and purchased land on the west side of the river in 1837.  He feuded with Solomon Juneau who had established a village on the east side which sparked the Milwaukee Bridge War in 1845.  After Kilbourntown, Juneautown and Walker’s Point merged to form the City of Milwaukee in 1846, Kilbourn became a prominent, if not controversial, presence in the city’s political, social and economic life.  Poor health prompted Kilbourn to move to Florida in 1868.  He died there two years later and was buried in Jacksonville.  His remains were disinterred and relocated to Milwaukee’s Forest Home Cemetery in 1998.

Scope and Content: The collection contains Kilbourn’s personal correspondence prior to his arrival in the Milwaukee area, a biography, and a probate file.  It also includes his collection of medical, history, and natural sciences books.

Administrative Note: Material was added to the collection in September 1999 and processed by K. Abing.  The collection was reprocessed on November 1, 2011 by Jenny Stevenson.

Small Manuscript Material
Biography of Bryon Kilbourn, by Howard Spetz
Correspondence, July 1823 – 1839
Documents pertaining Kilbourn property
Invitation from Historic Milwaukee, Inc., for burial of Byron Kilbourn at Forest Home Cemetary, 1998 (2 copies)
Milwaukee Advertiser, June 24, 1837
Probate file for Kilbourn
Wisconsin Weekend, Feb. 20, 1974.
History and Natural Sciences Books – BV, Sh. 334 & 341 Box #
Animal Kingdom Illustrated, Vol 1, S.C. Goodrich, 1867 1
Animal Kingdom Illustrated, Vol. 2, S.C. Goodrich, 1868 1
Child’s History of England, Charles Dickens 1
Cynthia: With the Tragical Account of Almerin and Desemoma, 1798, printed by G. Bunce 1
Department of Agriculture Report, 1865 1
Drill Regulations for Cavalry, signed by Theo H. Hartridge 1
English Reader or Pieces in Prose and Poetry, Lindley Murray, 1820 1
History of the Israelites from the Death of Joseph to the Death of Moses, Rev. Archibald Alexander, D.D., 1834 1
History of the Kilbourn Family, Payne Kenyon Kilbourne, A.M., 1856 1
Lilies and Violets or Thoughts in Prose and Verse on the True Graces of Maidenhood, Rosalie Bell, 1855 1
Miss Laura’s Wedding Day, Published by the Sunday School of Trinity Church, Newport, Rhode Island 1
Murray’s English Reader, Jeremiah Goodrich, 1826 1
New France and England, John Fiske, 1902 1
Owen’s Geological Survey of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, 1852 1
Revised Statues of the State of Wisconsin, 1858 1
Sarah Maria Stearns: A Memoir, 1844 1
Transactions of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society vol. 2, F.W. Case, secretary, 1877 1
Catalogue of English Classical Works and Juvenile and School Books, James Crissy, 1836 2
Journal of the Convention to form a Constitution for the State of Wisconsin, 1848 2
Life of George Washington vol. 2, John Marshall, 1836 2
Medical Books Box #
American Dispensatory, John Redman Coxe, M.D., 1825 2
Animal and Vegetable Physiology vol. 1, Peter Mark Roget, M.D. 2
Animal and Vegetable Physiology vol 2, Peter Mark Roget, M.D. 2
Children Their Hydropathic Management in Health and Disease, Joel Shew, M.D., 1855 2
Circulation of Blood, Emma Willard, 1846 2
Commentaries on the Surgeries of War in Portugal, Spain, France, and the Netherlands, G.J. Gutherie, F.R.S., 1862 2
Consumption Curable, Francis Hopkins Ramadge, M.D., 1839
Diseases of Children, J. Forsyth Meigs, M.D., 1848 2
Dublin Dissector [Manual of Anatomy], Robert Harrison, A.M., M.B. T.C.D., 1845 2
First Book on Analytic Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene: Human and Comparative, Calvin Cutter, A.M., M.D., 1872 2
Gregory’s Conspectus Medicine Thereticae, John Steggall, M.D., 1848 2
Homeopathic Pharmacy, E.E. Marcy, M.D., 1852 2
Hydropathy: Theory, Principles, and Practice, Water Cure, M.D., 1847 2
Lectures on the More Important Eruptive Fevers, Hemorrhages, and Dropsies and on Gout and Rheumatism, N. Chapman, 1844 2
Lectures on the Science of Human Life, Sylvester Graham, 1839 2
Lessons in Elementary Physiology, Thomas Huxley, L.L.D., F.R.S., 1915 3
Manual of Midwifery, Alfred Meadows, M.D. Lond., F.R.C.P, 1876 3
Manual of Military Surgery prepared for the use of the Confederate States Army, 1863 3
Manual of Surgery, edited by Thomas Castle, F.L.S., 1899 3
Pathology and Diagnosis of Diseases of the Chest, Charles J.B. Williams, M.D., F.R.S., 1891 3
Practical Private Treatise on the Diseases of the Genital Organs, Joseph, Ralph, M.D., 1852 3
30,000 Medical Words: Pronounced and Defined, George Gould, A.M., M.D., 1900 3
Treatise on Optics, Sir David Brewster, 1833 3
Treatise of the Physiological and Moral Management of Infancy, Andrew Combe, M.D., 1840 3
Treatise on Ruptures, W. Lawrence, F.R.S., 1843 3
Water Cure in America: Two Thousand and Twenty Cases of Various Disease Treated with Water, Dr. Wesselhoeft, Dr. Shew, Dr. Bedortha, Dr. Shieferdecker,
et al., 1848
Map of Kilbourn’s holdings in Florida MV Sh. 55