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Manuscript Collection Full List

This is a complete listing of manuscript collections housed in the Research Library as of June 2014. View a list of online manuscript collections with further details available online, please see our online list.

4-H Club
A G Communication Systems Corporation
A. Blade, Sons And Co.
A. F. Gallun and Sons Co.
A. G. Elsner and Sons, Inc.
A. Geo. Schulz & Co.
A. Gettelman Brewing Company
A. O. Smith Corporation
A. Yale Phillips Realty Company
A.F. Gallun & Sons Company
Abbott, Thomas
Abert Family
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Association
Abstract of Title Collection
Action for Goals 2000
Adams-Buell, Robert
Aderman, Ralph
Administrative Management Society-Milwaukee Chapter, Area 9
Administrative Women’s Association
Advertising Collection
Advisory Committee on Defense Construction
Affiliated Taxpayers Committee
African-American History Collection
Aid Association for Lutherans
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc.
Albert Trostel and Sons Company
Alcazar Range and Heater Company
Alex Roesch Company
Allcott, Joseph M.
Allen, John
Allen, Lillian C.
Allen, Mary Emma
Allen, Wyeth
Allen-Bradley Co.
Allerup, N. Peter
Alliance of Progressive Nursing Homes, Inc.
Alliance of the Greater Milwaukee Dental Association
Allied Construction Employers Association
Allied Power, Inc.
Allis, Louis
Allis-Chalmers Corporation
Allotria Club
Allschwang, John
Almanacs Collection
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Altrusa Club of Milwaukee
Alumnae Association of Milwaukee Girl’s Technical High School
Amateur Press Publications Collection
American Air Cleaning Company
American Association of Retired Persons-Milwaukee Chapter No. 38
American Association of University Women-Milwaukee Branch
American Bowling Congress
American Czech Civic Council
American Echo, The
American Ex-Prisoners of War, Milwaukee Barbed Wire Chapter
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees-Milwaukee County
American Friends Service Committee
American Hospital Association
American Interprofessional Institute, Inc.
American Legion National Convention Milwaukee, 1941
American Lung Association
American Luther Association
American Motors Coporation
American Motors Corporation
American Show Print Company
American Society for Public Administration
American Society of Civil Engineers-Wisconsin Section
American War Mothers
Americanization League
An Oral History of the Italians in Milwaukee
Andersen and Co.
Anderson, Helen
Anderson, Judi
Anderson, Oliver William
Anderson, Virginia
Anderson, William
Andree, E. W.
Andres/Hughes Family Papers
Andressohn, Philip W.
Andrews, Thomas S.
Anello, John-David
Anger, Selma
Animal Protective League Inc.
Animal Shows Collection
Anneke, Mathilde Franziska
Anthroposophical Society-Milwaukee Branch
Antiquarian Society of Wisconsin
Apollo Eleven
Archaeological History of Milwaukee County
Archdiocese of Milwaukee
Architecture 360, Inc.
Arion Music Club
Army and Navy Union, Ladies Auxiliary, Anna Molt Auxiliary #78
Arnold, Elias
Arnold, Jonathan E.
Arnold, Louis A.
Art for the Elderly
Art Muscle-Milwaukee, Inc.
Art, Artists, and Galleries Collection
Arts Development Council of Milwaukee County, Inc.
Assess 88
Associated Charities of Milwaukee
Associated Hospital Service, Inc.
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)
Astrology Collection
Auer, John
Auer, Julia
Aulin, Lucy
Austin, H. Russell
Austin, Pereles and Johnson
Austin, Samuel
Austrian-American Collection
Auto Acceptance and Loan Corporation
Auto-Coin, Inc.
Autograph Book Collection
Autolog, The
Automobile Collection
Avella, Steven M.
Avenue Commons
Avenue Redevelopment Corporation
Averill, Mrs. George B.
Avery, Charles A.
Aviation Collection
Aviation History of Wisconsin Project
B. J. Johnson Soap Company
B. Lowenbach and Sons, Inc.
Babcock, Joseph W.
Bach, Christopher
Bach, Emma
Bachelor Auction
Bachinski (Bach) and Gora Families
Backus, August Charles, Sr.
Bacon Family
Badger Brokerage Co.
Badger Home of the Blind
Badger Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Badger Paint and Hardware Stores
Bading, Gerhard A.
Baer, Myrtle
Baerman, L. Alfred
Baez Family
Bailey, Joel
Bailey, Jonathan
Bailey, Ralph Edward
Baker, Orlando M.
Baker, T. Fred
Balatka, Hans
Balistreri Family
Balkansky, Norman Papers
Ball, Elizabeth Church
Ball, Henry J.
Ballantine, Mary
Baltes, Franklyn and Dorette
Bamberger, George
Bank One
Bankier, Sheldon B.
Banks/Savings & Loans Collection
Barbee, Lloyd A.
Bardell, Eunice Bonow
Barden Maennerchor
Barett, Tom
Barg, William H.
Barndt, Libbie
Barnett, Philip
Barrett’s Department Store
Barstow, Helen
Bartel, Heinrich
Bartel, Henrietta
Bartelsen, Pauline
Bartender Collection
Barth Family
Barth, Charles
Bartlett, John K.
Bartley, Patrick
Basile, Anna
Batchelder, Cleveland
Bates, Gertrude Meyne
Bates, Jesse H.
Baum, Catherine
Bautz Family
Bax, Victor
Bay View (Milwaukee County, Wis.) Assessor. Tax Collection
Bay View (Milwaukee County, Wis.) Treasurer. Tax Collection
Bay View Collection
Bay View High School
Bay View Literary Society
Bayley Blower Company
Bazaar of All Nations
Beale, Charles H.
Beasman, Joseph
Becker, Albert
Becker, Frederick and Victoria
Becker, Lydia
Becker, Sherburn M.
Beebe, Eugene W.
Beek, William G.
Beers, William
Beggs, John Irvin
Behncke, Franz Heinrich
Behrens Family
Beihoff Music Co.
Bell, Henry
Bendell, Nell
Bender Family
Benjamin, Henry M.
Benjamin, Sidney H.
Bennett, Kathryn E.
Bennett, Robert
Benzler, Francis
Berens, William
Berger, Emma
Berger, Philip K.
Berger, Victor L.
Bergh, Henry
Bergholz Health Institute, Inc.
Bergmann, Winogene
Berndt Buick Company
Berndt Family
Bernecker, George E.
Bernhard, Gretel
Berquist, Goodwin
Berry, Fred H.
Besasie Family
Best Western Quiet House Suites
Best, Elizabeth M.
Best, Frederick C.
Best, Philipp
Bethany Presbyterian Church
Beverstock, Frances B.
Biagi Family
Bielfeld, Heinrich
Biemiller, Andrew J.
Biersach, Max E.
Bilty, Charles H.
Bingham, George B.
Biographical Collection
Birchard, C. F.
Birchard, John F. and Harriet A.
Birdsell, Susan O.
Biron, Michael
Bittner/Nowack Family
Black, Elizabeth
Black, John
Blacksmith Collection
Blady, Benedict and Esther
Blaine School
Blair, Fred
Blanchard, Danford
Blanding, Belle
Blanding, J. W.
Blatz, Mrs. Alvin C.
Blessed Virgin of Pompeii
Blessed Virgin of Pompeii Church
Bleyer Family
Bliffert, Thomas
Blink Family
Block, Fred
Blood Center Research Foundation
Blueprints and Drawings Collection
Boardman  Family
Boardman Family
Bodden, Michael
Boehringer, Mabel
Boettcher/Counsell Family
Bogenberger, Mary
Bohemian Club
Bohle Family
Bohn, John L.
Bokelman, Henry A.
Bomhard, Henry C.
Bonesteel, Jacob
Bonne Amie Musical Circle
Bonniwell, William T.
Booth, Henry
Booth, Marietta
Booth, Sherman
Borchert Family
Born Family
Born, Irene and Louise Papers
Borowiak, John [Restricted]
Boruszak, Harry
Bossert, Gottlob
Bowman, Joseph
Bowman, Willard A.
Boy Scouts of America-Milwaukee County Council
Boyce, Brooks
Boyd & Gridley
Boynton Yellow Cab
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee
Bradley and Metcalf Co.
Bradley Brothers Lumber Company
Bradley, William
Bradley’s Subdivision
Brady Street Merchants Association
Brady, John
Braeuninger, Ann
Braun, Charles H.
Brazee, Alvin C.
Breda, Gunnhild Johanna
Breen, John
Breitwish, Alfred J.
Bremer, Arthur H.
Bremer, Fredrich and Elizabeth
Brett Funeral Home
Breweries Collection
Brewers Hill Collection
Brewery Workers Union Local #9
Bricklayers, Masons, and Plasterers International Union of America, Local 14, Waukesha, and Local 8, Milwaukee
Bridge Collection
Brinton, Warren
Brite, Jane
Brockman, Samuel J.
Brodock, Alison B. and Louise H.
Broich/Muegge Families
Bronson, Bernhardt
Brophy, John L.
Brown Corlis Engine Company
Brown Deer Schools Collection
Brown, Alice L.
Brown, Clarissa
Brown, Gustavus L.
Brown, Harry John
Brown, James S.
Brown, Mattie
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Theodore and Elizabeth
Brown, Thomas J.
Browning, King and Company
Bruce, William George
Bruett Family
Bruhnke, Leslie J.
Brumder Family
Brumder, Herbert P.
Brumder, Thekla
Brumder, Thekla P.
Bruncken, Ernest
Bruss Family
Brussart, William K.
Brzezinski, Leo
Bubbert, Edgar M.
Bubbert, Walter
Buck, James S.
Buckethal, Reinhilda
Bucyrus-Erie Co.
Budzisz Family
Buehner, Christian and Emma
Buel, Henry
Buell, Horace C.
Buestrin, Henry
Bugle American
Bulgrin, Gus H.
Bullard, Lola
Bulyia, Francis
Bunde and Upmeyer Company
Burbach, Charles J.
Burgess, Kenneth F., Jr.
Burnell, Levi
Burns, William H.
Burton/Wilde/Schossew Families
Burzynski, Aloysius
Business Against Drunk Drivers, Inc.
Business and Professional Associations Collection
Business and Professional Women’s Club of Milwaukee
Business Collection
Business Journal Serving Greating Milwaukee, The
Butter, Arthur C.
Butter, Otto H.
Butters-Fetting Company
Buttles, Anson W.
Byron Kilbourn Monument Association
C. A. Rohde Company
C. Hennecke and Company
C. N. Lodge and Company
C.J. Jorgensen
California Products and Importing Company
Callaway, Edith
Callaway, James E.
Callaway, William
Callen, G. W.
Calumet Club
Calvary Presbyterian Church
Cambridge Apartments
Campbell, Margaret
Capitol Court
Capitol Import Autos
Capitol News Agency
Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion, Inc.
Carberry, Frederick W.
Carbone, Amiable
Carey Family
Carey, John D.
Carini, John
Carini, Mario A.
Carini, Stefano
Carlin, John
Carman Family Cemetery
Carpari, Benedict
Carpenter, Michael
Carriage Building Handbook
Carrier’s New Year Address
Carroon, Robert G.
Carter, Charles S.
Carter, William E.
Case, Truman A.
Case/Knapp Family
Casper, Elise Ott
Casper, Krueger, Dory Company
Casper, Lynn
Casselman, William A.
Cassidy, Robert
Castleman, Justus Collins “J.C.”
Catenhausen, Ernst
Catering Industry Employee
Catholic Citizen, The
Catholic Dramatic Company
Catholic Family Life Program
Catholic Poetry Society of America
Cavalier, The
Cecilian Choir
Celine, Bonny Christina
Cemetery Collection
Center For Blind & Visually Impaired Children, Inc.
Center for Liberal Action
Central City Cooperative
Central City Teacher-Community Project
Central Council of Social Agencies
Central United Methodist Church
Cerletty, James
Cerminara, Angelo
Chalmers, Kenneth K.
Chapek, Joseph H.
Charles Allis Art Museum
Chase, Samuel B.
Cheeks, Thomas
Cherrywood Village
Chicago and North Western Railway
Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railway
Chicago Symphony Association of Milwaukee
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway
Chicago, Milwaukee, and Lake Superior Line
Chinese American Collection
Chinese-American Civic Club of Milwaukee/Organization of Chinese Americans – Wisconsin Chapter
Chlupp, Fred J.
Chrabkow, Frieda
Christensen Engineering Company
Christmas Collection
Church Arts Educational Service
Church Collection
Church Women United
Church, Benjamin
Church, Samuel
Cigar Makers Local #25
Circus Collection
Citizens’ Bureau of Milwaukee
Citizens Business League
Citizens for a Better Environment
Citizens for a New Day, Inc.
Citizens for Decent Literature
Citizens For Menomonee River Restoration, Inc.
Citizens’ Military Training Camp
Citizens’ Planning and Urban Renewal Committee
Citizenship Collection
City and County Employes’ Union
City Ballet Theatre
City Club of Milwaukee
City Hall Reporter
Civic Center
Civic Commission of Milwaukee
Civil War Collection
Civilian Conservation Corps
Clark Oil Corp.
Clark, Ellsworth
Clark, Fred M.
Clarkson, Adelaide V.
Clas and Clas, Inc.
Clas, Arminius A.
Clegg, Gilbert
Clement J. Zablocki Veterans Administration Medical Center
Clement J. Zablocki Veteran’s Administration Medical Center
Clinton, Harriet P.
Clinton/Kohl Visit
Clockmakers Collection
Club Internationale-Wisconsin Chapter
Club Lindenbaum
Clubs/Organizations Collection
Clum Manufacturing Company
Coalition for COMPETITION in Electricity
Coalition for Peaceful Schools
Cofar, Hyman
Cohen, Aaron
Cohn, Alfred
Colby Family
Cold Spring Park Association
Coldak Sales Company
Coleman, John G.
College Endowment Association
Colleges and Universities Collection
Collins, Loretta [Restricted]
Colnik Family
Columbia Hospital
Commercial Printing and Publishing Company
Committee of Fifteen on City Retrenchment
Committee on Institutional Cooperation
Committee On Public Ownership
Congregazione Femminile San Antonio Di Padova
Connolly, Eugene
Conrad Schmitt Studios
Conrad, Will
Conservation Collection
Consumer Affairs Collection
Conta, Dennis
Continental Can Company
Conventions Collection
Cookbook Collection
Cooper, Harry D.
Cooper, John
Cooperation West Side Association, Inc., The
Cooperative Educational Service Agency 19
Co-operatives Collection
Corbett, Elizabeth
Corcoran Family
Cornellier, Gladys R.
Corporate Report Wisconsin
Correll, Francis Marion
Corriere, Sebastian H.
Corss, Lucy
County Toy Lending Project
Cowen, Henry K.
Cox, Winfred D.
Cramer, William E. and Harriet
Crane, Charles
Cream City Brick Study
Crestwood Advancement Association
Crofts, George
Crombie, Edith
Crosby, Edward K.
Crystal Soap Company
Cuda, Pat R.
Cudahy, John
Cumming, Charles J.
Cumming, Mary E.
Curative Workshop of Milwaukee
Curtin, Jeremiah and Alma
Curtis, Walter H.
Curtiss, Timothy
Cutler-Hammer, Inc.
Czech/Slovak-American Collection
Dahlke/Pershbacher Family
Dahm, John
Daily Citizen
Daily Journal, The
Daily Republican and News, The
Daitsman, George
Daitsman, Rose
Dake, Harriet E.
Daleiden Family
Dallmann, August P.
Dally, Mary
Dammann, Victoria Jule
Dance Collection
Danielson, Daniel B.
Danish American Collection
Dankoler, Harry E.
Dannenfelser, Frederick
Dare, Timothy
Dark Room, Inc., The
Darned Hard Cases “Club”
Daughters of the American Revolution-Milwaukee Chapter
Davey, Ann
Davidson Theater
Davidson, Walter
Day-Bergwall Company
De Courcy, Mildred
De Kletser
De Lisle, Paul J.
De Yarman, Verdell
Deaconess Hospital
DeBuono, Calagero and Mary
Decker Family
Delanty, Edward
Delany, Jim
Dellman, Fritz
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Delta Manufacturing Company
Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity
Demmer, Edward U.
Democratic Party of Milwaukee County
Dencker, Lester J
Depression/1929 Collection
Depression-1929 Collection
Der Feier-Abend
Der Sturmer
Derleth, August
Des Forges Family
Desmond, Humphrey J.
Detroit, Grand Haven and Milwaukee Railway
Deuster, Oscar V.
Deuster, Peter V.
Deutscher Press Club
Dewey Electric Co.
Dewsenberry, William J.
Diary Collection
Dibbert, Roderic
Dickinson Family
Diderrich Landmark Collection
Die Deutsche Hausfrau
Dietz, Carl P.
Dietz, Helen M.
Dietz, Peter E.
Dilts, Chester H.
Directory Collection-Directories (Non-Milwaukee)
Directory Collection-Milwaukee City Directories
Dirks, P.
Dittman, L.
Dittmar, Gustave
Doerfler, John
DoerFlinger, Carl
Doerflinger, Carl H.
Doering, Ernest
Dohmen, Peter L.
Dolan, Charles
Dolnick, Benjamin I.
Dolorosa Sick Benefit Society
Domer, Mrs. Otto
Dominion of Fancy
Donahoe, William J.
Donnelly, Joseph G.
Dorsey, James
Doubek, Patricia
Douglas Family
Douglas, Bavzillai
Dousman, Talbot C.
Dowd, R. A.
Dowling, Gladys
Downer Home
Downer, Jason
Downtown Association of Milwaukee
Doyle, Arthur Conan
Drama, Inc.
Draves, William August
Drechsler, Ronold A.
Dreher, Reuter
Dreis, Philip
Dresen, Wilhelm and Katharina
Dretzka, Jerome C.
Drew, Susan
Drexler School of Watch Repairing
Dries, Louise
Driscoll, John
Drost Family
Drufenbrock, Diane
Dudley, Marion Vienna Churchill
Duering, Fred
Duncan, Thomas A.
Durand, Loyal
Durward, Bernard I.
Dutchen, John A.
Dutcher Family
E. Brielmaier & Sons Co.
E. R. Godfrey and Sons Co.
E.M.B.A. Square Dancing Club
Eagle Lye Works
Earth Day
East Side Community Council
East Side Housing Action Committee
Eastbrook Church
Eastside Interfaith Congregations
Ebert, Adolph Papers
Ebner Family
Eby, Cecil
Eckert, Stephen
Edelman Family
Education Collection
Edward E. Gillen Company
Edward P. Allis and Co.
Edwards, George K.
Eggers, William T.
Ehr, Margaret
Ehrenhardt, Georg
Ehrenhardt, Walter W.
Eichenkranz Mannerchor
Eichradt, Hermann
Einfeldt, Alfred
Eisendrath, Jack
Ekkebus, Mary Stefanik
El Circulo Hispanico
Elberfeld College of Mining
Elks Club
Elliott, Adrian J.
Elliott, Eugene S.
Ellison, Edward
Ellison, Martin, Jr.
Elmergreen, Ralph
Elmwood Subdivision
Emer, Hugo
Emer, Margaret B.
Emmer, Dan
Emmerling, Joseph C.
Enderis, Dorothy
Engbring, Robert
Engel/Poh Family
Engelmann, Peter
Engle, C. F.
Enoch Family
Epp, Catharina
Epsilon Kappa Omega Chapter
Erdmann, Gustav
Erdmann, Herman
Erling Family
Ernst, Jane and Jean
Esbjorn, Bruno
Escape: Wisconsin’s Gay Guide to Entertainment
Eschrich, Edwin
Eschweiler and Eschweiler
Eschweiler, Alexander C.
Eschweiler, Franz C.
Estabrook, Charles Edward
Esther Moody Junior Ballet Company
Ethnic Groups Collection
Evangelical Lutheran City Mission
Evening Wisconsin
Everpure Ice Company
Evinrude, Ralph S.
Exposition Building
Faber, John T.
Fabritz, Earl C.
Fairbanks, William N.
Fairchild, Lucius
Falk Corporation
Falk, Frank
Falk, Otto H.
Family Health Plan Cooperative
Family Planning Collection
Fanello, Robert
Farina Family
Farmer-Labor Progressive Federation
Farmer-Labor-Progressive Federation
Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Farnsworth, William
Farrell, Patrick
Farrer, Charles
Federal Rubber Co.
Federated Trades Council
Federation of Workers Singing Societies of America
Fehst, Christine
Fels, George W. F.
Felsch Family
Ferch/Mahrt Family
Ferris, Myron J.
Fessel, Ferdinand J.
Festivals/Fairs Collection
Fick, Henry
Fiebrantz, Henry
Field Notes of Territorial Road Surveys
Fielding, Henry
Fifteenth Ward Memorial Album
Figved, John E. N.
Filer, Delos A.
Filipiak, Jack
Finger, Arthur C.
Fink, Emma C.
Fire Insurance Rating Bureau
First Unitarian Church
First Wisconsin National Bank
Fischbach Brewing
Fischer and Wiedemann Real Estate Co.
Fischer, Mrs. Max
Fisher Family
Fitch Family
Fitzgerald Family
Fitzgibbon, Monica
Flagg, Ernest
Flagstone Garden Club
Fledderman, Hildegarde
Fleer, Esther
Flickering Candle Society, Rotary Club of Milwaukee
Flint, Charles Albright
Florentine Opera
Flynn, James
Foerster, Otto H.
Foley, James
Fond du Lac Ave. Project
Fond du Lac Avenue Advancement Association
Foote, John H.
Forest History Association of Wisconsin
Forest Home Cemetery
Forman, Albert
Foster, Daniel
Four-H Club
Fourth Ward Republican Club
Fowler, Daniel W.
Fowler, J. Douglas
Fox Point-Bayside School District
Fox, Theresia Marie
Frackelton, Susan
Frahm, Mildred
Frame, Andrew J.
Frank, Harley
Frank, John H.
Frank, Lawrence, L.
Frank, Louis F.
Franke, Charles H.
Franke, Harry F.
Franklin (Wis.:Town) Assessor. Tax Collection
Fraternity of Operative Millers of America
Fred Gettelman Company
Frederick P. Jones Real Estate Co.
Frederick Pollworth and Brother Co.
Freedom Week Committee
Freeman, Edna
Freidenker Publishing Co.
Freidenkerbund Von Nord Amerika (Free Thought League of North America)
Freie Gemeinde
French Canadian/Arcadian Genealogists of Wisconsin
Frey, Otto
Friday Afternoon Club
Friebert, Edward
Friedrick, Jake
Friend, Henry C.
Friend, J. Hayward
Friend, Jacob Elias
Friendship House
Frinzi, Dominic H.
Fritsche, Lillie
Froede Family Papers
Froehlich, William H.
Froemming Family
Fuchs, John W.
Fuller, Clyde and Mattie
Fuller, Robert C.
Funk, Jacob
Furlong, John & Family
Furtmann Collection
Furtmann Family
Furton, William
Future Milwaukee
G. R. Fehr Company
Gabel Family
Gaebler, Sophie Charlotte
Gaertner, Richard
Gaffney, Thomas
Galazan, Jeanne K.
Gale, Zona
Galileo Galilei Society
Garden Homes
Garens, Ralph W.
Gargan, Peter
Garncarz Family
Garrett, George W. and Marion
Garrick Club
Garrick Theater
Garvens, Albert B.
Gaska Family
Gauer, Paul
Gauger, Walter C.
Gavin Mirror and Art Glass Works
Gay View Terrace Brunch of the Month Boutique
Gay/Lesbian Collection
Gearhard Family Papers
Gebhard Family
Gehl Family Papers
Geisel, Magdalen
General Mitchell Field
General Mitchell International Airport
Gensch, Anthony
George Schley & Sons
George Washington’s Birthday Collection
Gerds-Peters Family
Gerlach Family
Gerlach, Joseph
German American Collection
German Language and School Society Wisconsin, Inc.
German Naval Association
German Theatre Company of Milwaukee
Geronime, Lee
Gertie the Duck
Gesangsektion der Freien Gemeinde
Geshrick, Ray “Bigbee” Papers
Geske, Oscar M.
Gibolski, Wilhelm A.
Giese, Wilma
Giesman, William D.
Gigante, Joseph
Gilbert, Max
Gill, Norman N.
Gill, Robert W.
Gilman, John H.
Gimbel Brothers
Gimpl Family
Girl Scouts of Milwaukee County
Glazewski, Carl L.
Glendale (Wis.)
Glendale. City Clerk (Restricted)
Globe-Van Doorn Corporation
Gloudeman, Ruth
Gnauck, Paul
Goals for Greater Milwaukee 2000
Godfried Family
Goeltzer, Jacob
Goessel Reporter
Goethe House, Inc.
Goetz, Fred E. R.
Goetz, Julius
Goldenberger Family
Goldhausen, Boniface
Goldmann’s Department Store
Goldsmith Family
Golfside Gardens
Goll, Julius
Goloff, Morris
Good Samaritan Medical Center
Goodger Family
Goodman, Margaret [Restricted]
Goodrich Transportation Co.
Gordon Park Co-op
Gordon, G. E.
Gordon, Martin
Goring, William
Gospel Courier
Gossen Weather Strip Corporation
Governor’s Ombudsman Program For the Aging and Disabled
Graack, Edwin J.
Grace, Patrick
Graettinger, Alios
Graf, Buehler
Graff, Joan
Graham Row
Graham, Julia
Gram, Edmund
Grand Avenue Mall
Grand National Curling Club
Grand Opera House
Grant, Harry J.
Granville (Wis.: Town)
Granville (Wis.: Town) Board of Registry
Granville (Wis.:Town) Assessor. Tax Collection
Granville Interfaith Program for the Elderly
Granville Lumber and Fuel Company
Granville(Wis.:Town). School District No. 16. Engleburg School
Graphics Collection
Grau, August
Grau, Hugo
Gray, Gilda
Great Lakes Boat Building Corp.
Greater Milwaukee Committee
Greater Milwaukee Conference on Religion and Race
Greater Milwaukee Conference on Religion and Urban Affairs
Greater Milwaukee Council of Arts For Children
Greater Milwaukee Council of Churches
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Greater Milwaukee Lumbermen’s Association
Grede, William J.
Greeley, Elizabeth “Boo”
Greenamyer, George
Greendale Collection
Greendale Housing Project
Greendale Land Company, Inc.
Greene, Howard T.
Greene, Victor
Greene, William T.
Greenfield (Wis.:Town) Assessor. Tax Collection
Greeters of Wisconsin, Charter No. 25
Gregg, Harrison W.
Gregory, Horace
Gregory, John Goadby
Gridley Dairy Company
Grieb, Frank J.
Grieb/Weise Family
Griffin, John L.
Griggs, Ione Quinby
Gritzmacher (Gruetzmacher) Family
Grob Family
Grobschmidt, Eugene
Groellinger/Heintskill Families
Grogan Family
Groppi, James
Grote Family
Grover, Kenneth J. and Colleen C.
Guenther/Kummer/Schuengel/Sebastian Families
Guentzel, E. Ralph
Guentzel, Gustav and Christine
Gugler Lithographic Company
Gugler, Frida
Gullen, John
Guth, Alexander
Gutmann, Wilhelm J.
H. H. Lohman and Sons
H. Weden and Sons Company
Habbe, J. Edwin
Hadler, Joseph
Hadley, Jackson
Haessly, Jerome
Hafemeister, Ray
Hafner, Jacob
Hagendorff, Louis
Hahn, G. Robert
Hahn, Gustav August Gottfried
Haisler, Michael J.
Halbach, Agnes M.
Hale, Frank A.
Hale, Tracy J.
Hall, Cornelius Mack
Halser Family
Halsey, Lawrence W.
Haluzak, Harry
Hamilton, Charles H.
Hamilton, Raphael N.
Hamilton, Thomas
Hamlet, Charlotte
Hammer and Tongs
Hammersmith Family
Hammersmith, Paul
Hammes, John S.
Hampel, Fred B.
Hampel, George, Jr.
Hampel, Wilma
Hancy, Mary
Hank Aaron State Trail
Hansen Family
Hansen, Arthur C.
Hansen, Robert W.
Hansen/Deuster Families
Harambee Revitalization Project, Inc.
Hard Family
Hard, Charles C.
Hard, Charles E.
Hardie, George, Jr.
Harlow, George Family
Harnack, Mildred Fish
Harnischfeger Corporation
Harper, William P.
Harris, Benjamin
Harris, David Sterling
Harry W. Schwartz
Hart, Charles A.
Harter Family Papers
Hartkopf, John
Hartsman and Weiler, Inc.
Hartwig Displays
Hasselkus, Evelyn
Hatch, Edmund
Hauerwas Family
Havens, Henry W.
Havenwoods State Forest
Hawe, Donald
Hawgood, Thomas and Mary Ann
Hawkins, William
Hawks Nursery Company
Hawley, Francis W.
Haworth, Ellen C.
Hay, Thomas H.
Hayes, Daniel
Haynes, William C.
Hayward Manufacturing Company
Hayward, Thomas J.
Hazelton, Anna
Hazelton, Gerry Whiting
Heading, Francis W.
Health Collection
Healy, Winnifred
Heath, Frederic
Heath, Frederic (Photos)
Hecker, Edward
Heidtke, Waldemar M.
Heil, Julius
Heilmann, Max
Heim, John
Heinrich, Prince of Prussia
Heins, Irma
Heiss, Michael
Hemming, Harry H.
Hempsted, Henry N.
Hendee, Jack
Henderson, Launcelot
Henke, Otto
Hennacy, Ammon
Henry Clay School
Herb Society of America-Wisconsin Unit
Herbst Land Company
Herbst, Friedrich
Herda, Theresa
Heritage Military Music Foundation
Herman Family
Hermann, Jacob
Herzfeld Family
Herzfeld-Phillipson Company
Herzog Publishing Co.
Herzog, Lewis W.
Hess, Erwin L.
Hess, Katharina
Hessel, William J.
Hewitt, Lydia
Heyer, Ludmilla
Heyn, Edward T.
Hibbert, Merle
Hickox, Alice P.
Highway Maintenance Equipment Collection
Hildebrand, Louis
Hill, Shirley B.
Hinckley, George Madison
Hinton, John W.
Hintz, Walter F.
Hinz, Johann
Hipke Family
Hirschmann, Walter J.
Hirshberg, Samuel
Historic American Buildings Survey
Historical Keyboard Society of Wisconsin
Historical Preservation Society
Hoan Family
Hoan, Daniel W.
Hoenig Family
Hoffman, Mrs. Norbert W.
Hofmann, Bernhard H.
Hokanson, Rudolf and Choral
Holberg/Langland/Hatlestad Families
Holbrook Family
Holdampf, Frank J.
Holland, Mrs. Joseph J.
Holland, Stanley A.
Hollis, Anna Lee
Holman, N.
Holton, Edward and Lucinda
Holy Trinity Congregation
Holz, Adele
Holz, Marvin C.
Holzhauer, Jack
Home Styles and Furnishings Collection
Hometown Inc.
Homrighausen, Elizabeth Ann and Lily Ann
Honey Creek School District #5
Hooker, William F.
Hoppe, Anna
Horan, John M.
Horning Family
Horwitz, Isador
Hosmer, Prosper
Hospital Collection
Hotel Association of Milwaukee, Wis.
Hotel Pfister
Hotels Collection
Hott, Peter
Hottelet, Max C. and Anna
Houdini, Harry
Houghtaling, Jeremiah
Housing Collection
Houston, William J.
Howard Family Papers
Howard, James C.
Howard, W. S.
Howes, Julia Hayden
Hubbard, John W.
Hubbard, Volney M.
Hubbell, Levi
Huber, Joseph
Huebsch Manufacturing Company
Huebschmann, Adolph
Huebschmann, Francis
Hufnagel, Irma
Hughes, Clara
Huguenot Society
Hummel, Adolph
Humphrey, Hubert
Hunuch, John George
Hutsteiner, Joseph
Iacolucci, Joseph
Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation, Inc.
Ignace, Sister M. John
Ilgner, Howard F.
Immanuel Presbyterian Church
Inbusch, Frank A. and Charles M.
Inbusch/Goll/Boden Family
Industrial Milwaukee
Ingersoll, Gidney A.
Ingersoll, Greyham A.
Ingraham Family
Inner City Arts Council
Institute of World Affairs
International Association of Business Communicators/Southeastern Wisconsin
International Association of Machinists
International Association of Public Works Officials
International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Stablemen, and Helpers of America. Local 200
International Clown Hall of Fame
International Credit Association of Southeastern Wisconsin
International Institute
International Refrigeration Exposition
International Walther League Convention
Interstate Investment, Inc.
Inter-War Period Collection
Invoices\Letterhead\Business Cards\Blotters Collection
Irish American Collection
Iron Fireman Manufacturing Company
Italian American Collection
Italian American Federation of Milwaukee County and Columbus Center
J. B. Welch, Inc.
J. C. Iversen Co.
J. Knauber and Co.
J. Kornely Hardware Co.
J. R. Williams
J. Seefeld and Son Company
Jacks, Edward
Jacobi, Adolph
Jacobs, W. H.
Jacobson, Thomas
Jacobus, D. C.
Jaeger Family
Jahn Loge
Jamison, Harold E. “Jamie”
Janhe, Paul W.
Janke, Fred
Janowiak, Norbert
Janowiak, Russell J.
Janssen Family
Jenkins, Fannie B.
Jenkins, James G.
Jenkins, Walworth
Jessen, Peter S.
Jewish Community Collection
Jewish Vocational Services of Milwaukee, Inc.
Jewitt, M. P.
Johannes, Ken
John Ernst Café
John Figved Fur Co.
John Graf Co.
John Hiles’ Planing Mill
John Plankinton and Company
John Pritzlaff Hardware Company
John Schroder Lumber Company
Johnson, Arthur Waldron
Johnson, Clarence L. and Cleopatra
Johnson, Edith
Johnson, George H. D.
Johnson, Robert Colton
Johnston, John
Joint Committee on Consolidation in Milwaukee County
Jonas, Rosalie W.
Jones Island
Jones Island Planning Area Inventory
Jones, Anson R.
Jones, Cordelia
Jones, Edward H.
Jones, Ira M.
Jones, John and Etta
Jones, John R.
Jordan, Elizabeth G.
Joseph Wittig Co., Inc.
Josey, J. Anthony
Joslyn, Jay
Joswiak, John
Journal Sentinel Inc.
Joys Brothers Co.
Juneau Vista Lakefront Development
Juneau, Peter
Juneau, Solomon Laurent
Jung Family
Jungbluth/Heinz Families
Junior Achievement of Southeastern Wisconsin
Junior Birdmen of America
Junior League of Milwaukee
Jurasinska, Eleonora
Kaad, Henry
Kabelitz Family
Kaestner Funeral Home
Kahle, Charles
Kahler Slater Torphy Architects
Kainitz Family
Kalkhoff, Alphonse F.
Kallaus Family
Kamermayer, Joseph
Kaminski, Erwin J.
Kaminski, John G.
Kammerer, Adam
Kammerer, Louise and Henry
Kander, Lizzie Black
Kane, Anita Papers
Kane, Richard and Diane Collection
Kanzelberger, Margaret
Kaplan, Alex
Kappelmen, Herman H.
Kapur and Associates, Inc.
Karger, Aline Becker Collection
Kartak, Anna
Kassner, Harriet
Kasten, Robert, Jr.
Katz Dry Goods
Katz, Lawrence
Katzenmiller, Edward
Kaumheimer, Gustave J.
Kavel, Ella
Kearney and Trecker
Keene, David, D.D.
Kehl, Jacob
Keller, Fred
Kelly, Thomas Lett
Kempf/Spillman Family
Kenngott, Louise M.
Kent, Herman
Keogh, Edward
Keogh, Michael
Keotz, Hulda
Kerlin, Arthur
Kern, Fred T. Papers
Kershaw, William J.
Kesselman, William and Francis
Kessler, C.
Keune, Robert
Keyes Family
Kiddes, Llewellyn
Kiel, Charles
Kilb, John G.
Kilbourn Family
Kilbourn Lodge No. 3-Widows and Orphans Advisory Committee
Kilbourn, Byron
Kilbourn, James
Kimball, Russell N.
Kindergarten Verein der Nordwest Seite von Milwaukee
Kindervater, Alvin E.
King Koin Laundry
King, Charles
King, Rufus
King, Walter M.
Kingsley Epworth League
Kinnickinnic River
Kinsman, Anson
Kiphutt, John, Jr.
Kirby Family
Kiwanis Club of Milwaukee
Klatte, William A.
Klauser Family
Kletzsch, Alvin P.
Kletzsch, Elizabeth
Kletzsch, Herman
Kline, Ruth
Klopf, Milton H.
Klose, Leonard D.
Kluchesky, Joseph T.
Kluckow, Eulalia J.
Klug Family
Klutz, Marilyn
Knaack, Elmer G.
Knaak, Lillian M.
Knab Company
Knapp, Gilbert
Knauer Plumbing and Heating Company
Kneeland, James
Kneeland-Godfrey Familes
Kneeland-Godfrey Families
Knier, John
Knight, Alice Graper
Knox, Merle
Koch, Clara
Koch, John G.
Koehring Company
Koehring, Philip A.
Koenen, Anita
Koepke, Evelyn O.
Koerner, Christ.
Koetz, Edward
Koetz, John Aug. Francisca Huda
Kohout, Frank
Koller, Edna Peters
Komassa, Charles
Komorowski, Arthur A.
Komperda, Doris
Kontopoulos, Demetrios
Kopecky, George
Kopmeier, John Henry
Kops, Gerald H.
Korn, Bernhard C.
Koss, Rudolph Alexander
Koubeck, Charles A.
Kraase, Walter William
Kraenzlein, Alvin C.
Krafczyk, Frank
Kramer, Ernst
Kramer, Eva J.
Kraus, Ruben
Krause, Adolph
Kriehn, Ruth
Kroeck, Karl
Kroening, James
Kroening, Walter E.
Kronke, Adele
Kronshage, Ernst H.
Krueger, Emma
Krueger, Fred and Frieda
Krueger, Karl
Krueger, Ralph
Krueger, Rexford
Kruger, Clara Wilhelmine Alvine
Kruglak, Nathaniel
Krugler, John D.
Kruszka, Waclaw
Krzycki, Leo
Kuehn, Louis
Kuehn, Philip G.
Kuehns, Romeo B.
Kuemmerlein, John
Kugler, David C.
Kuhli, Ralph
Kuhm, Herbert W.
Kuhns, Carl
Kulwicki, Alan Papers
Kunkel, Herman J.
Kunzelmann-Esser Co.
Kurth, William R. and Anna
Kurtz Architects, Inc.
Kurtz, Edward
Kuryer Publishing Co., Inc.
Kuschbert, Meta
Kutchera, Tom
Kuther, Herman
Kwapiszewski, Maryann
La Budde, Wilhelmine
La Croix Family
La Crosse and Milwaukee R.R. Co.
La Follette, Robert M.
La Grange, Ella
Laabs, Otto
Laacke and Joys Co.
Labor and Trades Assembly of Milwaukee
Labor History Collection
Lacey, Marg. E.
Lachenmaier, William
Lackner, Francis
Lacy, Ernest
Lademan Family
Ladies of Garfield Auxiliary, James A. Garfield Lodge #309
Ladies of Milwaukee Liederkranz
Lady Elgin
Lake (Wis.: Town)
Lake (Wis.:Town) Assessor. Tax Collection
Lake Band
Lake Protestant Cemetery
Lakeside Boat Club
Lakeside Children’s Center
Lakota’s Restaurant
Lamb, Maria L.
Land Grants
Landeck and Eggert
Lander, Norman
Landmarks/Buildings Collection
Landmarks/Young, Mary Ellen
Landwehr, Carl
Landwehr, Johann Herman
Landwehr, W.D.
Lane, Cecile M.
Lane, Lorna
Lange, Hugo
Langen, Paul
Langley and Alderson
Langworthy, Andrew J.
Lapham, Increase Allen
Larkin, Charles H.
Latino/Hispanic Collection
Laubenheimer, John J.
Laubenheimer, Laura
Lauburg, Henry
Lauer, Edward T.
Lawrence J. Timmerman Airport
Lawrie, Charles A.
Lawson, Alfred
Layton Art Gallery
Layton Art League
Layton, Frederick
League of American Wheelmen Collection
League of United Latin American Citizens
League of Wisconsin Municipalities
League of Women Voters of Greater Milwaukee
Lechmaier, Andrew G.
Lechner Family
Ledger Collection
Lee Foundation For Nutritional Research
Lee, Mordecai
Leenhouts, Lillian
Leet, Clarence
Lefeber Family
LeFevre/Coleman Family
Legal Forms Collection
Leggatt, Savory B.
Lehman Family
Lehmann, Abraham W.
Lehnhoff, Walter F.
Leker, William R.
Lemberg, August
Lembert, Ida Wilhelmine
Lemke, Henry C.
Lemurian Book Industries
Lentz Family
Leonard, Cecil
Leroy, William
Leusacker, Carl F.
Levy, Gustave E.
Levy, Sam
Lewark, Chauncy
Lewis Family
Lied’s Nursery
Light Horse Squadron
Lilian’s Home-Made Chocolates
Limbas, George
Lincoln Center for the Arts
Lincoln Memorial Drive
Lincoln Neighborhood Redevelopment Corporation
Lincoln, Abraham
Linden Land Co.
Lindsay Family Collection
Lindsay, Arthur H.
Lindsay, Henry and William D.
Links Inc. Cream City Wisconsin Chapter
Lippert, Mr.
Lips, Jean-Christophe
Little Theatre
Livingston, Orville B.
Locust Grocery
Loebl, Max
Loewi and Company
Longauer, Hermine Frances
Longdin, Leo J.
Lonnborg, Kenneth
Lord’s Day Alliance of Wisconsin
Los Amigos de la Lengua
Lou Ehlers Buick
Loughney, James B.
Louis Allis Company
Love Patrol Publishing
Lubar, Samuel
Lucas, Leslie P., Jr. Papers
Luck, Frederick
Luctman, Frieda (Frank)
Ludington, Harrison
Ludington, Polly
Luecke, Dora
Luecke, Susan M.
Lueder Family
Luening Family
Luljack, Inc.
Lutheran Children’s Friend Society
Lutheran Hospital of Milwaukee, Inc.
Lutheran Radio Church Service
Lynch, Robert B.
Lynde Family
Lynde, Charles J.
Maas Family
Mabbette, Jeanette
MacArthur Family
MacDowell Club
MacFadyen Club
Mack, Connie
MacReading, Betsy
Madaus, Howard Michael
Mader’s Restaurant
Madison, Frederick W.
Madison, Watertown, Milwaukee and Lisbon Plank Road Company
Madonna Del Lume Society
Maertz Family
Maertz, Robert Collection
Magazine Collection
Magie Family
Mahoney, James
Maier, Henry
Maier, John G.
Maischoss, Roy
Maitland, Lester J.
Making of Milwaukee-Book/Film
Malecki, Frank
Mallory Family
Malloy, Molly
Manchester Family Papers
Marggraff, Evelyn E
Marine Collection
Marine Review
Marine, Shirley J.
Mariner, Ephraim
Marino, Peter A.
Marion Andrews Concert Bureau
Mark F. Pfaller Associate
Mark F. Pfaller Associates
Mark, Arthur
Markle, Frank A.
Markoff, William
Marks, Solon
Marlewski Family
Marlewski, Theodore T.
Marquette Interchange
Marshall & Ilsley Bank
Martin, Florence L.
Martin, Morgan L.
Martin, William J.
Martineau, John and Peter
Martinek, L. Johann
Marz, Adam R.
Mason, Henry W
Mason, Henry W.
Mason, Thomas
Masonic Collection
Massman, Fred W.
Master Brewers Association
Mathews, Stella S.
Mathey, Maurice
Matinee Club of Milwaukee
Matoh, Joseph
Matthews Brothers Manufacturing Company
Mattusch, Wenzel
Maurer, Mollie
Maxon, Glenway
Maxwell-Ray Manufacturing Company
Mayhew Brothers
Mayor’s Beautification Committee
Mazur Polish Dancers of Milwaukee, Inc.
Mazza, Theodore and Anita
Mazzuchelli, Samuel
McCall, Erwin, J.
McCarthy, Joseph R.
McCauley, William J.
McClure, Thomas and Nancy
McCormick, John
McCormick, Michael
McCoy, Mary Hester
McCraken, Lyman J.
McCutcheon, John T.
McDonald, Charles C.
McElroy Family
McGarigle, George A.
McGee, Anna Meyer
McGehee Family
McGovern Park 4th of July Association
McGovern, Francis E.
McGovern, Gulielmum R.
McGovern, William R.
McGowan, William J.
McGrath, Gerald
McGregor, John P.
McKee, Harold R.
McKinley, William
McLaughlin, Mabel C.
McMillan, Thomas B. K.
McNamara, John
McShane/Curtin Family
Meckenhauser, Richard
Media Collection
Medical Center of Southeastern Wisconsin
Medical College of Wisconsin
Medical Institute
Medical Society of Milwaukee County, Inc.
Meinecke, Carl
Meinecke, Friedrich
Meixner Family
Melchert, Martin
Mellon, Edward
Melmar Realty, Inc.
Melms, Edmund T.
Melody Top Theater
Melody Top Theatre
Meminger, Herman
Memorial Day Collection
Menges, Charles A.
Menominee Indians
Menomonee Locomotive Manufacturing Company
Menomonee River Valley
Men’s Sketch Club of Milwaukee
Menu Collection
Mercein, Lucy Schley
Mercy High School
Merrill Family
Merrill Lumber Company
Merrill, Mary E.
Merrill, Peter C.
Merritt, Paul P.
Merritt, Raymond H.
Merrity, James
Metal Polishers’ International Union Local No. 10
Metcalfe, Frank B.
Metropolitan Folk Group Association
Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce
Metropolitan Milwaukee Home Economics Teachers Association
Metropolitan Study Commission
Metzler Family
Meyer, Beulah
Meyer, Carl F.
Meyer, Caspar
Meyer, John
Meyer, Joseph J. Papers
Meyer, Richard Herman Willian
Meyer, Thusnelda
Meyer-Rotier-Tate Company
Meyers, Albert W. Papers
Michaelson, Fannie
Michalski, Stanley
Michel, George
Mickelsen, Gunnar
Mickulesky, Nickolaus
Microfilm Collection
Midwest Express Center
Mielenz, Albert E.
Miesinski Family
Mikulic, Donald G.
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Wisconsin Commandery
Millard Family
Miller Family
Miller, Charles
Miller, Frank Family
Miller, Frederic
Miller, Frederick C.
Miller, George and Anna
Miller, George P.
Miller, Herman
Miller, Ralph
Millermaster, Ralph A.
Milprint, Inc.
Milwaukee & Superior Rail Road Company
Milwaukee (city) Alderman Fred F. Schallert
Milwaukee (city) Assessor. Tax Collection
Milwaukee (city) Board of Aldermen
Milwaukee (city) Board of City Service Commissioners
Milwaukee (city) Board of Councilors
Milwaukee (city) Board of Election Commissioners
Milwaukee (city) Board of Park Commissioners
Milwaukee (city) Board of Public Land Commissioners
Milwaukee (city) Central Board of Purchases
Milwaukee (city) City Attorney
Milwaukee (city) City Engineer
Milwaukee (city) City Property
Milwaukee (city) City Surveyor
Milwaukee (city) Clerk Collection
Milwaukee (city) Common Council
Milwaukee (city) Comptroller
Milwaukee (city) Comptroller Henry Smith
Milwaukee (City) Coroner’s Jury
Milwaukee (city) Department of City Development
Milwaukee (city) Department of Health
Milwaukee (city) Department of Public Works
Milwaukee (city) Fire Department
Milwaukee (city) Fire Department. Supply Hose Company No. 1
Milwaukee (City) Housing Authority
Milwaukee (city) Police Department
Milwaukee (city) Pound
Milwaukee (city) Safety Commission
Milwaukee (city) Sewerage Commisssion
Milwaukee (city) Treasurer
Milwaukee (city) Treasurer. Tax Collection
Milwaukee (city). City Plan Commission
Milwaukee (Wis.: Town)
Milwaukee (Wis.:Town) Assessor. Tax Collection
Milwaukee .0 Library-Central Branch
Milwaukee A Cappella Chors
Milwaukee Admirals
Milwaukee Advertising Club
Milwaukee Aerie No. 137, Fraternal Order of Eagles
Milwaukee Aids Project
Milwaukee Air and Water Show
Milwaukee and Beloit Railroad Company
Milwaukee and Chicago Daily Line
Milwaukee and Dubuque Railroad
Milwaukee and Green Bay Plank Road Co.
Milwaukee and Janesville Plank Road
Milwaukee and Janesville Territorial Road
Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad Company
Milwaukee and Northern Railroad
Milwaukee and Watertown Railroad Company
Milwaukee and Waukesha Railroad Company
Milwaukee and Wauwatosa Rapid Transit Company
Milwaukee and West Virginia Oil Company
Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay Railway Company
Milwaukee and Wisconsin Exposition, Inc.
Milwaukee Anniversary Collection
Milwaukee Antiques Show
Milwaukee Area Technical College
Milwaukee Art Institute
Milwaukee Art Museum
Milwaukee Athletic Club
Milwaukee Auction Galleries
Milwaukee Audubon Society
Milwaukee Ballet Company
Milwaukee Bar Association
Milwaukee Board of Fire and Police Commissioners
Milwaukee Board of Fire Underwriters
Milwaukee Board of Realtors
Milwaukee Bridge and Iron Works
Milwaukee Casket Co.
Milwaukee Catholic Youth Symphony
Milwaukee Chapter of the Quartermaster Association
Milwaukee Children’s Choir
Milwaukee Choral Artists
Milwaukee Christian Center
Milwaukee Christian Endeavor Union
Milwaukee Citizens For Equal Opportunity
Milwaukee City Council of Parent-Teacher Associations
Milwaukee City Guards
Milwaukee Clearing House Association
Milwaukee Clipper
Milwaukee Coke and Gas Company
Milwaukee Commission on Community Relations
Milwaukee Commission on Human Rights
Milwaukee Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Milwaukee Community Service, Inc.
Milwaukee Construction Industry Safety Council
Milwaukee Council for Adult Learning
Milwaukee Country Club
Milwaukee County (county) Assessor
Milwaukee County (county) Auditor
Milwaukee County (county) Board of Election Commissioners
Milwaukee County (county) Board of Supervisors
Milwaukee County (County) Board of Supervisors Public Relations Department
Milwaukee County (county) Board of Supervisors. Joint Committee
Milwaukee County (county) Building Inspector
Milwaukee County (county) Civil Service Commission
Milwaukee County (county) Clerk of Courts
Milwaukee County (county) Commission for Handicapped and Disabled Persons
Milwaukee County (county) Coroner
Milwaukee County (county) County Clerk
Milwaukee County (county) County Clerk (Ordinations)
Milwaukee County (county) County Clerk. Joe Czarnezki
Milwaukee County (county) County Executive David F. Schulz
Milwaukee County (county) County Executive F. Thomas Ament
Milwaukee County (county) County Executive John L. Doyne
Milwaukee County (county) County Executive William F. O’Donnell
Milwaukee County (county) Department of Buildings and Grounds
Milwaukee County (county) Department of Human Resources
Milwaukee County (county) Department of Outdoor Relief
Milwaukee County (county) Department of Public Welfare
Milwaukee County (county) Department of Public Works
Milwaukee County (county) Division of Emergency Government
Milwaukee County (county) Institutions and Departments
Milwaukee County (county) Land Sale Register
Milwaukee County (county) Medical Examiner
Milwaukee County (county) National Defense Program
Milwaukee County (county) Park Commission
Milwaukee County (county) Parks Department
Milwaukee County (county) Regional Planning Department
Milwaukee County (county) Register of Deeds
Milwaukee County (county) Safety Commission
Milwaukee County (county) Sheriff’s Department
Milwaukee County (county) Soldiers Relief Commission
Milwaukee County (county) Special Committee on Works Progress Administration Projects
Milwaukee County (county) Superintendent of Schools
Milwaukee County (county) Supervisor Penny Podell
Milwaukee County (county) Treasurer
Milwaukee County (county) Treasurer. Tax Collection
Milwaukee County (county) Treasury and Taxes Board of Readjustment
Milwaukee County (county) Veterans’ Housing Program
Milwaukee County Annuity and Pension Board
Milwaukee County Bicentennial Commission
Milwaukee County Burial Grounds
Milwaukee County Children’s Home, Records
Milwaukee County Citizens Committee on Alcoholism
Milwaukee County Citizenship Commission
Milwaukee County Committee On Unemployment
Milwaukee County Community Chest
Milwaukee County Community War Chest
Milwaukee County Council of Church Women
Milwaukee County Council of Teachers’ Associations
Milwaukee County Courthouse
Milwaukee County Division of Emergency Government
Milwaukee County Employees’ Association
Milwaukee County Expressway Commission
Milwaukee County Expressway Commission-Public Information Center
Milwaukee County Federation of Women’s Clubs Fourth and Fifth Disctrict
Milwaukee County Genealogical Society
Milwaukee County Highway Commission
Milwaukee County Highway Department
Milwaukee County Historical Society
Milwaukee County House of Correction
Milwaukee County House of Refuge
Milwaukee County Infirmary, Records
Milwaukee County Jail
Milwaukee County Justice of the Peace
Milwaukee County Medical Complex
Milwaukee County Muirdale Sanitorium, Records
Milwaukee County Naturalization Depositions
Milwaukee County Nursing Home Association
Milwaukee County Pioneer Association
Milwaukee County Police Departments Collection
Milwaukee County Republican Committee
Milwaukee County Safety Building
Milwaukee County School Committee
Milwaukee County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy
Milwaukee County Seal
Milwaukee County Suburbs Collection
Milwaukee County Suffrage Association
Milwaukee County Teachers Association
Milwaukee County Transit Collection
Milwaukee County Transit System
Milwaukee County Transit System Collection
Milwaukee County War Memorial Center
Milwaukee County. Children’s Court
Milwaukee County. Institutions and Departments
Milwaukee County. Orphan’s Board
Milwaukee County. Planning Commission
Milwaukee Crime
Milwaukee Curling Club
Milwaukee Debate Club
Milwaukee Detention Home
Milwaukee Downtown Business Improvement District #21
Milwaukee Drama League
Milwaukee Engraving
Milwaukee Expositions/Fairs
Milwaukee Family Camping Association
Milwaukee Federation of Lutheran Churches-Missouri Synod, Inc.
Milwaukee Folk Council
Milwaukee Fourth of July Commission
Milwaukee Garden
Milwaukee Gardeners Association
Milwaukee Gas Light Company
Milwaukee Government Service League
Milwaukee Grain Exchange
Milwaukee Harvester Company
Milwaukee Hearing Society
Milwaukee Hiking Club
Milwaukee Hilton
Milwaukee Home for the Friendless
Milwaukee Hoo-Hoo Club No. 35
Milwaukee Hospice Home Care
Milwaukee House, The
Milwaukee Houses of Worship
Milwaukee Housing Assistance Corporation
Milwaukee Humanities Program
Milwaukee Institute of Music, Inc.
Milwaukee Investigator
Milwaukee Iron Company
Milwaukee Journal, The
Milwaukee Junior Chamber of Commerce
Milwaukee Kickers
Milwaukee Ladies of UNICO
Milwaukee Lakefront Collection
Milwaukee Lawn Bowling Association, Inc.
Milwaukee Leader
Milwaukee Liederkranz
Milwaukee Liedertafel
Milwaukee Lifestyle Magazines
Milwaukee Light Guard
Milwaukee Literary Review
Milwaukee Literary Times, Inc.
Milwaukee Loan And Building Society
Milwaukee Management Support Organization
Milwaukee Maritime Center
Milwaukee Market Association
Milwaukee Monument Co.
Milwaukee Mothers’ Club
Milwaukee Motorcycle Co., Inc.
Milwaukee Municipal Amateur Athletic Association
Milwaukee Museum of Fine Arts for the State of Wisconsin
Milwaukee Music Teachers Association, Inc.
Milwaukee Musical Society
Milwaukee Newsboys’ Republic
Milwaukee Northern Railway Company
Milwaukee Omnifest
Milwaukee Orphan Association
Milwaukee Performing Arts Center
Milwaukee Perry’s Victory Centennial Committee
Milwaukee Pilot Club Papers
Milwaukee Players, The
Milwaukee Plumbing Contractors Association
Milwaukee Pops Orchestra, Inc.
Milwaukee Press Club
Milwaukee Private Chauffeurs’ Social Society
Milwaukee Prostitution
Milwaukee Protestant Home for the Aged
Milwaukee Public Museum
Milwaukee Public School Collection
Milwaukee Public Schools
Milwaukee Public Schools Board Meetings/Proceedings
Milwaukee Public Schools Collection
Milwaukee Publishing Group
Milwaukee Real Estate Board
Milwaukee Repertory Theater
Milwaukee Retired Teachers Association, Inc.
Milwaukee River Collection
Milwaukee Rowing Club
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Milwaukee School of Music
Milwaukee Sentinel
Milwaukee Shakespeare Company
Milwaukee Society
Milwaukee Suburban Resettlement Project
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra League
Milwaukee Symphony Women’s League
Milwaukee Teachers’ Association
Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association
Milwaukee Teachers Union
Milwaukee Traffic Club
Milwaukee Turners
Milwaukee Typographical Union No. 23
Milwaukee Typothetae, Inc.
Milwaukee Urban League
Milwaukee Volkschor
Milwaukee Water Works
Milwaukee Woman’s Club
Milwaukee Woman’s Service Club
Milwaukee Yacht Club
Milwaukee Youth Citizenship Council
Milwaukee, Watertown, and Madison Plank Road Company
Milwaukee. Citizens’ Committee on Unemployment
Milwaukee. Inspector of Buildings
Milwaukee: The Depression Years
Milwaukeean, The
Milwaukee-Downer College
Milwaukee-USS Des Moines Historic Naval Ship Project Inc.
Milway, Inc.
Minash, James L
Miner, Harold B.
Mirk, Earl
Mishoff, Ivan Dimiter
Mitchell Family
Mitchell Mfg. Co.
Mitchell Park Shopping Center
Mitchell Street Advancement Association
Mitchell, John S.
Mitchell, William S.
Modern Woodwork Co.
Modrzejewski, Robert J.
Moebius Printing Company
Monagan, Thomas J.
Montgomery, Frank W.
Morris, Oscar H.
Morse, Albert C.
Moser, Victor E.
Mosley, Egbert
Moss, George F. and Josephine E.
Moss, Philip
Motor Transport Company
Mots, Frank
Mueller Climatrol Division of Worthington Corporation
Mueller Family
Muenzer, Hedwig C.
Mulcahy, Charles C.
Muller, Amalie
Multimedia Collection
Mulvey, John M.
Munkwitz, Charles
Murlaschitz, John S
Murphy Family
Murphy, Peter F., Jr.
Murphy-Smith, Karen
Music Societies Collection
Muskat Family
Muth, Clarence J.
Muth, Jacob
Myrick, Harry P.
N. Y. Frank Leslies (Freidenker)
Nadolinski, Norman
Naprstek, Vojta
Nathan Pereles and Sons
National Association of Theatre Owners of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
National Christian Student Conference
National Conference of Christians and Jews-Wisconsin Region
National Council of Jewish Women-Milwaukee Section
National League of Musicians of the United States
National New Education League
National Slavonic Society
National Society of Colonial Dames in Wisconsin
Native American Collection
Nature Conservancy, Wisconsin Chapter
Nebel, Oscar M.
Nedderson, Henry
Neergaard, Mable C.
Neighborhood House of Milwaukee, Inc.
Neighborhoods of Milwaukee Collection
Neighbors of Historic Walkers Point
Neilson, George W.
Neilson, John
Nelson, August T.
Nelson, Emma
Nelson, Gaylord
Neukirch, Franz
New England Life Insurance Company-Wisconsin Agency
New Milwaukee Committee
New Milwaukee Theatre
New York Mirror, The
New, George
Newhall House
News, The
Newspaper Collection
Newspaper Collection- Harper’s Weekly
Newspaper Collection-Harper’s Weekly
Newspaper Collection-The Bay View Observer
Newspaper Collection-The Milwaukee Star
Newton, Eva
Nichols, Henry A.
Nichols, William
Nicholson, Isaac L.
Nickel, Henry
Nickel, Linda
Nicolet High School
Nicolet Theatre Company
Niemann, Herbert
Niemeier, Gustav
Ninety-Nine Organization
Niss and Sons Furniture
Nohl, Max W.
Noll, Jacob
Nolte, Louis B.
Non-Profit Center of Milwaukee
Noonan Family
Norman Thomas Institute
Norquist, John O.
Norris Family
Norris Foundation
Norris, George Henry
North Milwaukee
North Milwaukee Community Press
North Point Historical Society
North Shore Presbyterian Church
Northcott Neighborhood House
Northrop, Hubbard M.
Northrop, John H.
Northside Community Conference
Northtown Planning and Development Council, Inc.
Northwest Territorial Celebration Commission
Northwestern Furniture Company
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
Northwestern National Insurance Company
Northwestern Trade Bulletin
Notz, Edward
Novelty Manufacturing Company
Nowak, Charles
Nowakowski, Richard
Nuernberg, Ken & Ethel
Nunnemacher, Hermann J.
Nunnemacher/Weschler Family
Nyul Family
Oak Creek (Wis.:Town) Assessor. Tax Collection
O’Boyle, Carlyle
Ockerlander, Gustave
Octopowicz, Anna J.
Oehlenschlager, Elizabeth
Oestreich, Rayline D.
Offutt, J. Howard
Ogden Family
O’Hara, Edward G.
O’Hara, Kathleen M.
Okerhauser, Frederick
Old Settlers’ Club of Milwaukee County
Old Shorewood Antiques Club
Oldenburg, Madeline A.
Oliveira, Rosemary
Olsen, Ingar
Olsen, Margery
Olson, Frederick I.
Olson, Jack Edward
Olson, Lester W.
Olson-Curtin Collection
O’Malley, William J.
Operative Plasterers’ International Association, Subordinate Association No. 138
Opitz, Charles J.
Order of the Eastern Star
Orlikowski, Frank & Audrey
Ormond, Charles H.
Orr, Don
Orton Family
Orton, John J.
Orum, Anthony
Osborn, David and John H.
O’Shea, Joseph James
Ostrom, Henry
Otjen, Christian J.
Otjen, Theobald
Ott Family
Otterbourg, Marcus
Otto, Ralph S.
Our Next Generation Inc.
Our Savior’s Lutheran Church
Outboard Marine Corporation
Oxendorf, Eric
Ozonoff, Ida
Pabst Brewing Company
Pabst Post
Pabst Theater Collection
Pabst, Frederick, Jr.
Pabst, Joseph
Pacholski, Vincent A.
Packard, Charles B.
Paddock, Eugene
Page, Grace E.
Pageant Collection
Pagenkopf Family
Paine, Byron
Palace Theater
Palette Shop, The
Palm, Anton
Palmer, Henry L.
Palmer, Virginia
Palmolive Company
Panorama Painters Collection
Parades Collection
Parent Teachers’ Association of North Milwaukee
Park East Freeway Project
Park People, Inc.
Park Ridge Garden Club
Park View Subdivision
Parker, M. O.
Parkman Club
Parrott, Fred and Marlane
Parry, Harry
Parsons, Edwin B.
Pascek, Louis Papers
Passage, Christoph E.
Passport Collection
Pastorino, Frank
Patek, Gottlieb
Patterson ansd Pattison Family Association
Patterson, Robert
Patton Paint Company
Paul Brown Defense Committee
Paul Weise Company
Paul, Mariana
Paulos Family
Payne, Henry C.
Peace Action Milwaukee
Peacock, Mary Birkel
Pearson, Heber B.
Peck, George W.
Peirce, Jonathan
Pelikan, Alfred G.
Pelton, John I.
Penner, Carl
People’s Committee For Survival
Peplinksi, Ruth
Pere Marquette Tercentenary Commission
Pere Marquette Tercentennial
Pereles Family
Pereles, Herman
Perrin, Richard W. E.
Perthel, Agnes
Pestalozzi, Hasso R.
Pet Lawn Cemetery and Crematory
Peter, Wenzel
Peters, David E.
Petersen, John Papers
Peterson, Agnes
Peterson, Walter Fritiof
Petrykowski, Stella
Petzold, Emmanuel
Pfeifer, Frederick W.
Pfeil, Josephine
Pfeil, William R.
Pfister and Vogel Leather Company
Pfister, Guido
Pfister/Vogel/Uihlein Familiy
Pfister/Vogel/Uihlein Family
Phantom Club
Philatelic Clubs Collection
Philip Orth Co.
Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee
Photographers’ Association of America
Photographic Collection
Pick, Jacob
Pieper, Ernst W.
Pieper, Oscar R.
Pieplow, William L.
Pierce, Frederick L.
Pierce, Willard
Pietsch, Charles
Pietsch, Otto
Pilger, Gustav
Pilliard, Ira D.
Pipe Shops Collection
Piper, O. R.
Pischke, John P.
Plankinton Family
Plankinton, William Woods
Plaques and Markers Collection
Platz, Herbert C.
Plumbers Local 75
Podjavorsek, Mike
Poehlmann, Joanna
Pohl, Rudolph P.
Pohl, William
Pohlmann, Willy
Polaris Corporation
Polish American Collection’
Political Collection
Pollock, Ellie
Pollock, William R., Jr.
Poposkey and Van Horn’s Art Emporium
Porath, Albert
Port of Milwaukee Collection
Port Players
Port Ulao
Porter, Israel Washington
Porter, Jack Nusan
Portland Cement Association
Potter, Milton Chase
Potter, Paraclete
Powell, Charles Healy
Powers Family
Powlas, P. J.
Prentiss, William A.
Pressed Steel Tank Co.
Priebe, Karl
Priests of the Sacred Heart
Procholski, Vincent
Professional and Business Collegiates
Professional Dimensions, Inc.
Progressive Lodge No. 270 of the Western Fraternal Life Association
Progressor, The
Promberger, William
Prospect Hall
Protestant Business Women’s Council
Protestant Evangelical Mission to the Italians
Prucha, Paul
Pruss, Thaddeus J.
Public Policy Forum
Publishers Daily News
Puccio, Jennie
Puelicher/Siefert Family
Quade, Edith
Quarles Family
Queisser, Roger
R. L. Polk and Co.
Rabe, Arthur A.
Radtke, Anton (Tony)
Radtke, Rudolf
Radtke/Ebert Families
Railroad Collection
Raith, Carl
Rajski/Radecki/Erickson Families
Ranch, The
Ransch, Laura
Rasche, Irma
Rasche, William F.
Rathbun, Naham F.
Rathcke, Henry F.
Rathmann Family
Rathyen, A.
Ratzsch, Karl
Rausch, Frederick
Real Estate Collection
Records of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Grand Army of the Republic Posts, 1865-1943
Recycling Collection
Red Arrow Club of Milwaukee, Inc.
Red Bus Corporation
Red Carpet Inn
Rehm, Gustav A.
Reichel, Michael
Reimers’ Photo Stock House
Reinhardt, Eduard
Reinhold Hardware
Reisimer, George
Reiss, John J.
Remeeus, Carl J.
Remeeus, John
Remey, Oliver E.
Reports Collection
Republican Club
Republican Party (Milwaukee, Wis.). Eleventh Ward Unit
Republican Workshop of Wisconsin, Inc.
Reschke, Alfred and Luvella
Reschlin, Josephine
Research Clearinghouse of Metropolitan Milwaukee
Resnick, Max
Restaurants Collection
Retail Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company of Wisconsin
Rexnord, Inc.
Reynolds, Fred C.
Rice Family Collection
Richards, Alice S.
Richardson Family
Richter, August, Jr.
Richter, Bernhard
Richter, Mathilde
Ricker Family
Riddile, Harriet C.
Right Wing Collection
Riha, Maria
Rindo, Ronald J.
Rintelmann Family
Rippey, Robert R.
Risser Color Service, Inc.
Rite Realty
Ritter Funeral Home
Ritter/Jobe/Lubahn Families
River Street Mills
Riverside Sanitarium
Riverwest Co-Op Grocery and Café
Robert B. Holmes Panoramic Photography
Roberts, John and Charles
Robillard, Jacques
Robinson, Edith Porter
Robinson, Florence Porter
Robinson, George I.
Robinson, Kruneth
Robinson, Lansing Roberts
Robinson, Mabel
Roeglin, Ruth
Rogalski, Leon A.
Rogers, James H.
Rogers, Virginia
Rohde, Charles A.
Rohde, Hugo William
Rohland Family
Rohlfing Family
Rohn/Grelke/Miller Family
Roller, Edward R.
Roosevelt, Theodore
Rose, David S.
Rose, Erwin F.
Rosenberg, George
Rosenheimer, Alma
Rosenkrans, Leon C.
Rosenkrans, S. G.
Rosnow, Leonard William
Ross, Martha
Rough and Ready Engine Co. No. 4
Rouse, David
Rowlands, Len
Roy, Leslie
Rozek, Harry R.
Rubin, William B.
Rubinstein, M. David
Ruenzel, Henry G.
Rundle, Charles L.
Runge, Herman G.
Ruschhaupt, F. M.
Ruttenberg, Albert M.
Rutz, Henry
Rutz, Wilhelm Carl
Ryan, Philip
S. Birkenwald Company
S. S. Milwaukee
S. Y. Gillan and Co.
S.E.T. Ministry, Inc.
Sackreiter, Michael
Sacred Heart Monastery
Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary and Holy Assumption Catholic Cemetery
Sakatus, Theodorum
Salentine, George H.
Salom, Salom H.
Salomon, Chester V. and Alma M.
Salomon, Edward
Salomon, Nancy Hays
Salvation Army
Sammond, Frederick
Sandburg, Carl
Sanderson, Edward and Elizabeth B.
Sandrock, Charles
Sanfelippo, Nancy
Sanger, Rockwell and Company
Sangerfests Collection
Sansone, Inc.
Santoski, Taum
Saveland, Edward
Savings and Investment Association of Milwaukee
Scandinavian American Home, Incorporated
Scandinavian Society of Milwaukee
Scanlan, Charles Martin
Scanlan, P. L.
Scarborough, Beatrice Baumgarten
Schaefer and Company
Schaefer, Ernest W.
Schaefer, Louise
Schallock, Albert C.
Schandein, Emil and Lizette
Scharfenberg-Kearns-Kampmann Family Collection
Scharff, Ruth L.
Schead, Almon A.
Scheder, Clinton A.
Scheller, Raymond E.
Schelling, Sebastian
Schiavo, Giovanni
Schick, Helen E.
Schiffler, Casper and Dora
Schiminsky, August
Schlappman family
Schlaraffia Milwaukia
Schlesinger, Ferdinand
Schley, Mathilde Georgine
Schliewske, Hugo
Schlitz Audubon Center
Schlitz Brewing Collection
Schlitz Brewing Company
Schlitz, Joseph
Schloemer, Gottfried
Schluemilch, Fred
Schlueter, Edward H.
Schmal, Joseph
Schmidt, Albert J., Jr.
Schmidt, Hugo E.
Schmidt, Lenard
Schmidt, Peter
Schmidt, Viola
Schmitt, Gustav G.
Schmitz Family
Schmitz, Jacob
Schnabel, Albert
Schnalsmann, Maria S.
Schneidau/Downes/Forman Family
Schneider Tobacco Company
Schneider-Peragine, Kori
Schoba, Martha
Schoellkopf Family
Schoemann, Peter T.
Schoenleber Family
Schoenrock, Kenneth C
Schoknecht Family
Scholz Family
School of Nursing
School Sisters of St. Francis
Schoolmasters Club of Wisconsin
Schools/Private Collection
Schoonmaker, J. C.
Schoonmaker, John N.
Schroble, Raymond J.
Schroeder, Charles Morrison
Schroeter, Christian
Schubrink, Ferdinand
Schucht, Max
Schueneman, Arno Herbert
Schuffenhauer, Ernst E.
Schuffenhauer, Robert G.
Schultz Family
Schultz, Charles G.
Schultz, Herbert A. F.
Schultz, Herbert A.F.
Schultz, Herbert V.
Schultz, Mabel
Schultz, Stanley A.
Schultz/Albrecht/Ratzlaff Family
Schumer, John
Schurz, Carl
Schutz, Frank B.
Schutz, Walter
Schwarting, H. H.
Schwartz, Roger J.
Scofield, Edward
Scrapbook Collection
Scrapbook Collection (Military History)
Scroggins, Irwin C.
Seaman Family
Seaman/Martin/Apel Family Papers
Second Harvest of Wisconsin
Second Street Company
Second Ward Cemetery Association
Second Ward Savings Bank
Second Ward Savings Coin Bank
Seidel, Emil
Seidel, Walter E.
Semmann, John L.
Senger, Paul Adolph
Senior Citizens Collection
Senn, Anna
Senn, Nicholas
Senn, Ulrich
Seraphim, Christ T.
Sersha, Thomas
Service Club of Milwaukee, The
Service Star Legion, Inc.-Milwaukee Chapter
Settlement Cook Book Company
Seven Arts Society
Seven Mile Fair
Seventh Day Adventists
Sewing Collection
Seybold, George
Sey-Co Products Co., Inc.
Shakman, Maria Heller
Shaughnessy, George A.
Shaughnessy, William F.
Shea, Florence Hodgins
Shears, Henry
Sheboygan and Calumet Plank Road Company
Sheet Metal Workers’ Local #24
Sheet Music Collection
Sheffer, Walter Papers
Shelton, James P.
Sherman Family Papers
Sherman Park Community Association
Sherman Park Lutheran Church
Sherman, Lewis
Sherry, Avery
Sherry, Laura
Shopping Centers Collection
Shorewood Centennial
Shorewood Civic Improvement Foundation, Inc.
Shorewood Players
Shorewood. Village Clerk (Restricted)
Sieber, Henry
Siefert, H.O.R.
Siegrist, Robert
Sight Saving Council of Milwaukee, Inc.
Silk For Life, Inc.
Simonds, Chauncey
Simonsen, Judith A.
Sinclair, John T.
Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
Sivyer, Charles Milwaukee
Sivyer, Samuel
Sizer, William B.
Skorch, Frank
Skornicka, Joseph E.
Sloga Fraternal Life Insurance Society
Slovenian-American Collection
Small/Cogswell Family
Smartwear Emma Lange
Smith, Elvin H.
Smith, Everett Allard
Smith, Jabez and Bessie
Smith, Milwaukee
Smith, O. J.
Smith, Vessey
Socha, Albert J.
Social Economic Club
Social Science Club
Social Security Board
Social Service Agencies Collection
Socialist Labor Party
Socialist Men’s Choir of Milwaukee
Socialist Party
Socialist Party Collection
Socialist Skat Club
Society For American Baseball Research
Society of Allied Arts of Milwaukee
Society of Architectural Historians. Wisconsin Chapter
Society of Colonial Wars
Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Wisconsin
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Sokol Milwaukee Gymnastic Association
Sokolnicki, Alfred J.
Somers Family
Sommer, Clara
Sommers, Vincent C.
Sonnen, George C.
Sons of Herman
Soubron, Wilhelm Otto
Sousa, John Philip
South Community Organization
South Division Civic Association
South Division High School
South Milwaukee Speedway
South Side Book Store
South Side Civic Association Collection
South Side Old Settlers Club
Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
Souvenir, The
Spahn, Warren
Spalding, Samuel Charles
Spanish American War Collection
Special Advisory/Monitoring Committee
Spectacle City Mariners Drum and Bugle Corps
Spectroscope, The
Spence, Mary Callaway
Spence, Mary Calloway
Spencer, E. W.
Spencer, Robert
Sphere, The
Spice House, Ltd.
Spitz, Milton M.
Spooner, John C.
Sporting and Club House Guide to Milwaukee
Sports Collection
Sprengling, Andrew
Spring Meadows Dairy
Springer, Elihu
Spur Club
Square D Company
Squier, Samuel H. Papers
St. Aemilian’s Orphan Asylum
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
St. Andrews Society of Milwaukee
St. Andrews Society of the City of Milwaukee
St. Andrew’s Society of the City of Milwaukee
St. Anne’s Home For The Elderly
St. Catherine’s of Alexandria Church
St. Cecilia Society
St. Francis/Lake(Wis.:Town). Schools
St. John’s Episcopal Church
St. John’s Home
St. Joseph’s Benevolent Society
St. Monica’s Church
St. Rose Residence
St. Vincent’s Home
Stachowski, Floyd J.
Stadt Theater
Stafford, William H.
Stamm and Meyer
Standard Oil of Indiana
Stanfield, Donald
Stanfield, Harold W.
Stanke, Ernest
Stanwitt, Pauline
Stapko, John J.
State Medical Society of Wisconsin
State Reform School
Statues, Sculptures and Monuments Collection
Steamer R.J. Gordon
Stearns, Eunice and Martha
Stearns, Gustave
Stearns, Levi
Stearns, Perry J.
Stefanik, Anton R.
Stefanik, Louis
Steffen Family
Steffen, Herman
Stegeman, Oscar
Stein Family
Steinmetz, Donald W.
Steinmeyer, William
Steller, Howard M.
Stenzel, Henry O.
Stern, Bernard
Stern, Eric Cramer
Stern, Henry
Stern, Leo
Stetten/Beedon Family
Steuben Society of America, Muehlenberg Unit No. 36
Stevenson, Mary I.
Stewart, George
Stickney, Gardner P.
Stiemke, Zacharias
Stoakes, James W.
Stock Family
Stockhausen, Joyce
Stolzenburg, Mabel
Stone, Estelle
Stone, Irving C.
Stone, Stanley and Polly
Storm, Etta C.
Story, Augustus
Story, Harold Willis
Stout Manual Training School
Street Guides/Milwaukee Collection
Streeter, Rose
Strehlow, August W.
Stroesser, Walter P.
Strong Family Papers
Strong, Emeline Martha
Strong, Merle C.
Strothmann, Wilhelm
Strupp, Robert M.
Student Army Training Corps
Studley, William H.
Stutz, Michael
SueShar’s Southern Plantation
Sullivan, James H
Suminski, Anthony
Summit Medical Center
Sunrise Home for the Blind
Sunset Club
Sunshine Juniors
Sussman, Norman
Sutherland, George Eaton
Suycott, Leo E.
Suydeim, John V.
Swan Theater Productions
Swarthout, Donald Nelson
Swedish-American Historical Society of Wisconsin, Inc.
Sweetnam, Mabel
Switzky, Anita
Szekely, Sari
Szudrinski, S.
Szulist, Wladyslaw
Szymanski, Max & Annie
T. A. Chapman Company
T. Wesley Tuttle, C.L.U.
Tallmadge, Edgar
Tank, Lowella Hansen
Tanner, Charlotte E.
Taverns Collection
Tax Records Collection
Taxation Collection
Taylor, J. Robert
Taylor, Robert
Technicians, Engineers, & Architects of Milwaukee County (TEAMC0)
Technocracy, Inc. – Milwaukee
Technology Collection
Teen Challenge of Wisconsin, Inc.
Tees, Harry
Tefft, John
Telephone Book Collection
Teleprompter of Milwaukee, Inc.
Teller, Edgar E.
Templin Family
TenHaken, Melvin G.
Tenney, Marcia B.
Tenny, Alice
Terrill, Abel
Terry, Fannie Watson
Teschner, Joy G.
Teschner, Richard R.
The Wild Ones Collection
Theaters Collection
Theatre Magazine Collection
Theuer, Louis
Third Ward Collection
Thirty-Second Division Veteran Association
Thomas C. Miller & Associates
Thomas, James H.
Thompson, James H.
Thompson, Percy
Thompson, William H.
Thomson, Kathleen Evans
Thorndike, William
Thuering, George
Thur, Harry E.
Tiefenthaler, Laura C.
Tiefenthaler, Leo
Tiefenthaler, Pancratious
Tilsner, Hubert L.
Timber Wolf Preservation Society
Timm, Elsie
Titanic Collection
Toastmasters International, District #35
Tobiason, Leslie Collection
Toepfer, Albert
Tomkalski, Sigmund J.
Toombs, Fern
Torphy, Alice
Tourism Collection
Town and Country Garden Club of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Townsend PTA Scrapbook
Toy, Charles
Tragard Family
Transportation Collection
Travel Scrapbooks. Unidentified
Travis Auction Gallery
Tredupp, Charles F. and Ida
Trentanove, Gaetano
Trettin, Alfred H.
Trinity Court/Freedom Village
Tripoli Temple
Tuesday History Club
Tuesday Musical Club
Tullgren, Herbert W.
Turnverein Vorwarts
Tweedy, John H.
Twin Buttes Mining and Smelting Company
Typewriter Collection
Tyre, Louise
U. S. Census Bureau
U. S. S. Milwaukee
Ueecche, Aug. F. F.
Uihlein, August
Uihlein, Joseph E.
Uihlein, Robert A., Jr.
Ulbricht Family
Umbreit Family
Underground Railroad
Unicare Health Services, Inc.
Unicef Milwaukee Chapter
Unione Fratellanza Toscana Society
Unione Fratellanze Toscana Society
Unitarian Universalist Church West
United Automobile, Aircraft and Vehicle Workers of America, Local No. 25
United Community Services of Greater Milwaukee, Inc.
United Fruit Land Company
United Lutheran Program for the Aged, Inc.
United Performing Arts Fund, Inc.
United States Flag Collection
United States Post Office Collection
United States. Air Force – Reserves. Squadrons 9670 and 9136
United States. Army. Base Hospital No. 22
United States. Army. Massachusetts Volunteers, 40th Regiment
United States. Army. Michigan Artillery Battery, 13th.
United States. Army. Wisconsin 1st Field Artillery. Battery A
United States. Army. Wisconsin Artillery Company No. 1
United States. Army. Wisconsin Caisson Company No. 2. 107th Ammunition Train
United States. Army. Wisconsin Cavalry Regiment, 2nd (1861-1865). Company D.
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 1st.
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 1st. Company H.
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 23rd (1862-1865). Company A
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 24th. Company E.
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 24th. Company K.
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 26th (1862-1865). Company K
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 28th. Company B
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 28th. Company G.
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 2nd (1861-1864). Company I
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 32nd. Company G.
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 39th (1864). Company A
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 39th.
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 45th. Company K.
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 4th. Company H.
United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 6th (1861-1865). Company F
United States. District and Circuit Courts
United States. Surveyor General’s Office
United Transportation Union
United Way of Greater Milwaukee
University Club of Milwaukee
University of Opportunity
University of Wisconsin System Collection
University of Wisconsin, College of Agriculture Extension Service
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. School of Architecture and Urban Planning
University Settlement House
Unmack Family
Untermann, Ernest
Urban Anthropology, Inc.
Urban Day School Collection
Urban Outreach
Urban Research Center
Urbanek, Genevieve
Urbanism Past and Present
US Bancorp
Uttecht, Frank
Vaeth, Helen
Valdez, A. C.
Van Alyea, Thomas
Van Atta, Marian
Van Dyke Family
Van Haecke, Gustave
Van Male, Henry H.
Van Scoy, A. T.
Van Toor, Lucas A.
Van Valkenburgh, Frank P.
Van Valkenburgh, Thomas B.
Van Vechten Family
Van Vliet, Pearl Hope
Vandenberg, Bardine
Vanderbilt Cup Race
Vandewalker, Nina C.
Vannaman, Albert L.
Variety Club Epilepsy Center
Varisco, Josephine
Varsity Theatre
Vater, Frederick
Verbest, Frank
Vereinigte Trachten Verein
Veterans Collection
Vieau Family
Vietnam War Collection
Vilter Manufacturing Corporation
Vilter, Theodore
Vincent, Harold S.
Vint, Jerome J.
Vitak, John
Vliet Street Advancement Association, Inc.
Vogel State Park
Vogt, Fred
Vohwinkle, William F.
Voight, John E.
Volk, Gregor
Volunteers of America
Von Bodenstedt, Friedrich
Von Briesen, Ernest J.
Von Cotzhausen, Frederick W.
Von Gumpert Family
Von Marr, Carl
Von Schmidt, Friedrich
Von Sperl Family
Votapek, Ralph
Voters’ League of Milwaukee
W. and J. G. Flint
W. E. Cheney Company
Wacker, Wilhelm Joseph
Wackerman, Lucien E.
Wagner, Fred
Wagner, Louis
Wagner, Mrs, William H.
Wahlen, Mathias
Wahlfarth Family
Walfarth Family
Walker, Caroline
Walker, John R.
Wallace, Necia Loa
Wallace, William
Walrus Club
Walsh, J. H.
Walter and Olive Stiemke Foundation
Walworth, Clinton
Wamser, Joseph
Wangerin Family
War Mothers of Milwaukee County
Warburton, Harry C.
Warfield, Lorna Hooper
Washata, Irene Laura
Wassweiler, William
Waswo, Lucille
Water Quality Initiative
Waukesha Cement Tile Co.
Waukesha County Collection
Wauwatosa (Wis.: Town)
Wauwatosa (Wis.:Town) Assessor. Tax Collection
Wauwatosa Collection
Wauwatosa Emergency Organization
Wauwatosa Landmark Commission
Wauwatosa State Bank
Wauwatosa Woman’s Club
Way, William Bond
Weather Collection
Weber, Kenneth R.
Weber, Richard
Weddeking, Fred
Week’s Buick
Weeks/Watkins Family
Wegner, Alvin P.
Wehe Family
Wehle, Frederick Wilhelm
Wehler, William
Wehmeyer, John
Weichelt, George
Weidner, Max C.
Weinholz, H.
Weisel and Company
Weisert, Augustus G.
Weiss, Aaron L.
Weissenborn, Heinrich
Weller, Pearl
Wells Fargo Carloading Co., Inc.
Wells, Daniel, Jr.
Wells, Horatio N.
Wells/Norris Family
Wendt, Peter M.
Wendt, William H.
Wermke, Frank E
Wermke, Martha L.
Wesley, Charles
Wesson, A.
West Allis Collection
West Milwaukee Board of Health
West Milwaukee Collection
West Side North Ave Merchants
Westbrook, Mackie
Westerman family
Western Union
Westminster Civic League
Wettengel, Gertrude
Wettstein, Theodore
Weyenberg Shoe Manufacturing Co.
Wheeler, Andrew C.
Wheeler, Cornelius
Wheeler, Lyman G.
Wheelock, Arthur B.
Wheelock, Cyrus
White Family Papers
White, George C.
White, Ray
White, William C.
White, William Monroe
Whitefish Bay Collection
Whitefish Bay Woman’s Club
Whitnall, Charles B.
Whitnall, G. Gordon
Whitney Family
Whitney, Leroy C.
Whitney, Thomas
Whyte, Malcolm K.
Wichman, Edmund
Wick, Henry
Wick, John
Widmeyer, Anton
Widmeyer, Jacob
Wiedemann, George
Wight, William W.
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler
Wild Family
Wild, Robert
Wilde Family
Wilde, Walter J.
Wilhelm, H.
Wilhelmi, Joyce
Will and Cava Ross Lodge
Willetts, Edith Brown
William Frankfurth Hardware
William Frankfurth Hardware Company
William H. Groeling
William Reckmeyer Company
Williams and Co.
Williams, Beatrice
Williams, Helen
Williams, Micajah T.
Wilshire, William S.
Wilson, Dale
Wimmer, Joseph
Wimmler, Franz
Windthorst, Ludwig
Winkler, Frederick C.
Winkowski, John
Winner, John H.
Wirth, George Joseph
Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts and Letters
Wisconsin Academy Sciences, Arts and Letters
Wisconsin Action Coalition
Wisconsin Alliance-Milwaukee Chapter
Wisconsin Alumni Club of Milwaukee
Wisconsin Anniversary Collection
Wisconsin Arts Board
Wisconsin Association for Blind Athletes
Wisconsin Association of Occupational Therapy
Wisconsin Auction Galleries
Wisconsin Avenue Viaduct
Wisconsin Bell
Wisconsin Beverage Journal
Wisconsin Catholic Action Convention
Wisconsin Center District
Wisconsin Children’s Home Society
Wisconsin Chiropractic Association
Wisconsin Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition
Wisconsin Civil Liberties Union
Wisconsin Civil Rights Congress
Wisconsin Club
Wisconsin College of Music
Wisconsin Colleges Associated
Wisconsin Communities Collection
Wisconsin Company, The
Wisconsin Conservatory of Music
Wisconsin Consistory-Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite
Wisconsin Council of Church Women
Wisconsin Council of the Blind, Inc.
Wisconsin Dance Council, Inc.
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture: Milwaukee County Agriculture
Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Division of Motor Vehicles
Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Transportation District 2
Wisconsin Development Authority
Wisconsin District Garden Clubs
Wisconsin Dog Protection Association
Wisconsin Druggists Exchange
Wisconsin Education Association
Wisconsin Electric Power Co.
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Wisconsin Federation of Women’s Clubs
Wisconsin Food Products Co.
Wisconsin Geological Society
Wisconsin Gun Collectors Association, Inc.
Wisconsin Horse Cavalry Troopers
Wisconsin Humane Society
Wisconsin Humanities Committee
Wisconsin Imprints Pamphlet Collection
Wisconsin Industrial Hall of Fame
Wisconsin Legislative and Research Committee, Inc.
Wisconsin Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
Wisconsin Lumberman
Wisconsin Lung Association
Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Service
Wisconsin Malleable Iron Works Collection
Wisconsin Military District Bulletin
Wisconsin Motorist
Wisconsin Municipal Utilities Association
Wisconsin Music Teachers Association
Wisconsin National Guard
Wisconsin National Guard-1st Cavalry A Troop
Wisconsin National Guard-1st Cavalry B Troop
Wisconsin National Guard-1st Field Artillery Battery A
Wisconsin National Youth Administration
Wisconsin Paper Council
Wisconsin Phonological Institute
Wisconsin Postal History Society
Wisconsin Power and Light Company
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
Wisconsin Real Estate Investment Fund
Wisconsin Realty Company
Wisconsin Regional Medical Program, Inc.
Wisconsin Retail Lumbermen’s Association, Inc.
Wisconsin Society for Mental Health
Wisconsin Speakers’ Bureau
Wisconsin State College at Milwaukee
Wisconsin State Fair Park
Wisconsin State Federation of Labor
Wisconsin State Grange Patrons of Husbandry
Wisconsin State Motorists Association
Wisconsin State Nurses Association
Wisconsin State Portable Gas Light Company
Wisconsin State Union of the American Society of Equity
Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance
Wisconsin Teachers’ Association
Wisconsin Tercentennial Council of Women
Wisconsin Weekly Free Democrat
Wisconsin Welfare Council
Wisconsin Workshop for the Blind
Wisconsin World Trade Center, Inc.
Wisconsin Youth Congress
Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Milwaukee County)
Wisconsin. Circuit Court, County Court, and Superior Court (Milwaukee County)
Wisconsin. Department of Agriculture and Markets
Wisconsin. Department of Health and Social Services
Wisconsin. Department of Public Welfare
Wisconsin. Department of State Audit
Wisconsin. Industrial Commission
Wisconsin. Municipal Court (Milwaukee County)
Wisconsin. Municipal, District and Circuit Courts (Milwaukee County)
Wisconsin. Office of the Secretary of State
Wisconsin. Railroad Commission
Wisconsin. State Dept. Wisconsin Population Schedule, Milwaukee County Summaries
Wisconsin. Superior Court (Milwaukee County)
Wisconsin. Territorial Legislature
Wisconsin. Territorial Population Schedule, 1840
Wisconsin. Territorial Population Schedules, 1842, 1846, 1847
Wisconsin. Wisconsin State Guard. 1st Regiment, 1st Battalion, Company B
Wisly, Solomon
Witkowski, Anton and Florence
Witte, Frances M.
Wives of Milwaukee Chapter of C.P.A.’s
Wojciechowski, Jerome Papers
Wolbert, Arthur R.
Wolcott, Erastus B.
Wolfsohn, Leo
Wollaeger, Gustav
Wolter, Wilhelm
Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
Woman’s Conservation League
Woman’s Foreign Mission Society, Northwestern Branch
Woman’s Industrial Exchange
Woman’s Literary Club
Woman’s Relief Corps of Wisconsin
Women in Communication, Inc.
Women’s Architectural League of Milwaukee
Women’s Coalition
Women’s Collection
Women’s College Endowment Association of Milwaukee
Women’s Court and Civic Conference of the Greater Milwaukee Area
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Women’s Typographical Union
Woodruff Family Collection
Woodside, Frank
Woodworth, John
Woolard/Wilson Families
Workers’ Realty and Welfare Association
Works, Lillian L.
World Affairs Council of Milwaukee
World War I Collection
World War II Collection
World’s Fair/Expositions
Wrede, Carl F. W.
Wright, Frank Lloyd
Wyatt, Velma M.
Wycklendt Family
Wyndham Milwaukee Center
Wysocki, Andrew
Yearbook Collection
York, Wilford
Young Churchman Co., The
Young Men’s Association of the City of Milwaukee
Young Men’s Christian Association
Young Men’s Republican Club of Milwaukee
Young Women’s Christian Association
Young, Henry
Young, Willard A.
Zabel, Max and Ida
Zahn, Michael
Zander, Henry A.
Zeidler Family
Zeitz, Herman A.
Zentner, Anita
Zettler/Perez Family
Ziegler Family
Zielinski Family
Zigman, Robert S.
Zillman, Erwin F.
Zimmerman, Earl H.
Zimmerman, Fred R.
Zimmermann, H. Russell
Zingara, Carmello J
Zinser, R.F.
Zoeglings Verein
Zoological Society of Milwaukee County
Zukowski, Walter
Zussman, John