Metropolitan Study Commission, 1956-1998

Title: Metropolitan Study Commission, 1956-1998
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Cutler, Richard W. – Notes re: Metropolitan Study Commission, 1998 1 1

Findings and Recommendations

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Findings & Recommendations on Municipal Boundary Problems, 1961

Findings & Recommendations…on the Subject of Fire Protection in Milwaukee County, 1961

Findings of Fact & Recommendations…on the Subject of Cooperation Among the Library Systems of Milwaukee County, 1960

Major Recommendations of the Metropolitan Study Commission, 1957-1961

Recommendations on Refuse & Garbage Disposal in Milwaukee County, 1960

Summary of Recommendations Relating to Sewerage Submitted by the Metropolitan Functions Committee on 25 August 1958

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Minutes, Metropolitan Study Commission, 1958-1960 (not inclusive) 1 3


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Progress Report of Land Use and Zoning Committee, 1959

Refuse and Garbage Disposal in Milwaukee County, 1959

Report of the Committee on Revenue Sources & Distribution, 1958

Report of Executive Committee Concerning the Determination of the Type of Government Best Suited to Discharge Metropolitan Functions, 1958

Report to Metropolitan Study Commission on the Determination of the Need for Research into Governmental Problems of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Area After July 1, 1961, 1960

Report of the State of Wisconsin Board of Health Relating to Problems of Water Pollution in Private Wells in the Milwaukee Area, 1958

Statements on Water Supply Prepared for January 22 Hearing of the Metropolitan Functions Committee, 1959

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Statements of George A. Parkinson (Metropolitan Functions Committee)  re: Sewage, 1958 1 5
Miscellaneous 1 6

Bound Reports

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Annual Reports, 1958-1960 1 Loose in box
Committee on Land Use and Zoning Reports:

– Land Use Planning and Control in Milwaukee County, Oct. 1959

– Land Use Planning in Milwaukee Metropolitan Area, May 1960 (2 copies)

– Milwaukee Metropolis in Maps, Sept. 1958 (2 copies)

– Report on Municipal Boundary Problems, Feb. 1959 (2 copies)

– Report and Recommendations on Regional Planning, Dec. 1958 (2 copies)

– Report on Regional Planning Legislation, July 1958

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Miscellaneous Reports

– Final Recommendations Taxation and Revenue Distribution in Milwaukee County, 1961

– Final Report on Intergovernmental Cooperation in Milwaukee County, 1961

– Metropolitan Milwaukee: Problems-Solutions, June 1961

– Newspaper Clippings, 1957-1958 High Lighting Metropolitan Study Commission

– Report to the 1961 Legislature of the State of Wisconsin

– Report on Refuse Disposal, Volumes 1 and 2, 1960

– Report of the Reserve Funds Advisory Committee to the Mayor and President of the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee, October 1, 1980 (2 copies)

– Technical Report on Police Protection in Milwaukee County, 1961

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Milwaukee County Land Use and Zoning Atlas, 1958