Billie the Brownie CD: 75th Anniversary Celebration


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In 1917, Schuster’s Department Store created a holiday newspaper column featuring Billie the Brownie. Billie moved from print to the airwaves of WTMJ Radio in 1931. For twenty-four years, Billie and his friends Larry, Sant, Me-Tik the Eskimo and Willie Wagtail brought the magic of Christmas alive for thousands of local children.

The original recordings of these programs were donated to the Milwaukee County Historical Society by Ms. Doreen Griffiths Lo Cicero, the niece of Larry Teich who produced and wrote Billie’s radio programs. Additional recordings were donated by Jack Baker and Hugh Carlson.


1. Why the Christmas Tree is Always Green (December 1943, 44, or 45)

2. The Wonderful Train that Billie Built (December 15, 1950)

3. Special Program with Santa’s Chimney Practice (December 20, 1954)

4. The Star of Bethlehem (December 23, 1955)

5. The Christmas (December 24, 1955)

6. Hugh Carlson interviews with Larry Teich, the creator of Billie the Brownie (December 24, 1974)