Corriere, Sebastian H.

Title: Corriere, Sebastian H. Papers

Reference Code: Mss-3247

Inclusive Dates: 1930-2001

Quantity: 1.0 cu. ft.

Location: NE, Sh. 64; OS SM “C”

Abstract: A Milwaukee native and graduate of Lincoln High School, Sebastian Corriere served with the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II.  He was stationed at Camp Kearns, Utah, before going to Europe with the 801st Bomb Group.

Scope and Content: The collection consists of various military records, including draft cards, a diary, code book, published history of Camp Kearns and video tapes related to the Army Air Corps.  There are also a C.C.C. booklet and stationery, a Lincoln High School Student Handbook, as well as a certificate from the Wisconsin Young People’s Reading Circle.

Access and Use: No restrictions

Language: English


Folder Title Box # Folder #
C.C.C. Stationery and booklet, ca. 1930s 1 1
World War II Booklets, 1940s 1 2
Military Service Records 1 3
World War II Handbil/Flyer “Black out rumors” 1 4
Miscellaneous Personal Records 1 5
“Kearns: Long May She Stand,” 2001 Loose in Box

– Certificate from Wisconsin Young People’s Reading Circle, 1931

Video Tape Titles

–          Design, construction and mission of a B-24 Liberator

–          Story of the 8th U.S. Air Force/Story of the Memphis Belle’s 25th Mission

–          Twelve O’Clock High/Battle of Midway

–          World at War/D-Day Invasion of Europe

–          British SOE and American OSS

–          Remembering D-Day 50 Years Later

–          Bombers of WW II

–          Wright Brothers Cartoon/Original Film of Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk

–          True Story of Memphis Belle

–          D-Day Celebration in France/Combat Footage

–          Our Century D-Day to V-E Day Europe

–          Command Decision/Battle of the Bulge

–          8th Air Force Europe/Christopher Columbus

–          Battle of Britain Air War

–          The Longest Day

–          Carpetbagger Reunion Sept. 7-10, 1989, Milwaukee, WI

–          Carpetbagger Reunion 1987 England & Williamsburg 1992

–          Carpetbagger Roundtable Jan. 9, 1997

–          Carpetbagger Reunion Kettering, England, 1987