Kuhli, Ralph Papers

Title:   Kuhli, Ralph Papers

Reference Code: Mss – 0687

Inclusive Dates:  1912-1946

Quantity: 0.8 cubic feet

Location: CV, Sh. 232

Abstract: Ralph Kuhli was born on March 24, 1912 in Milwaukee, WI. He was active in Boy Scouts and contributed to school and scout publications from a young age, becoming Editor-in-Chief of Washington High School’s newspaper “The Scroll” in 1929 and going on to write in the Wisconsin State Teachers College publication (articles available in folder 10). After graduating, he continued working with Boy Scouts, writing songs and newspaper articles for the Milwaukee Scout and working at Indian Mound Reservation Boy Scout camp. Folders 2-6 in box 2 document his time as 2nd lieutenant and mess officer in the military during World War II as well as his travels abroad while on leave.

Scope and Content: Contains photos (some taken by Ralph’s father, Milwaukee photographer Louis Frank Kuhli), newspaper clippings, baptismal and confirmation certificates, diplomas and transcripts, poems, songs, and essays written by Kuhli, programs from plays he performed in and attended, and several postcards. The collection includes an Evangelical Lutheran hymn book with Ralph C. Kuhli stamped on the cover in gold, a pocket-sized New Testament Bible, and a small wooden box containing a photo of young child.

Access and Use: No restrictions

Language: English

Notes: Processed by Emily Voss, June 2016


Folder Heading Box # File #
1912-1922: Baptism Certificate, Child Portraits, Family Group Photos 1 1
1923-1925: Group photos, Class pictures, Valentine from Aunt Louise 1 2
1926-1927: Diploma (Thirty-Seventh Street School), The Literary Scout newspaper, an issue of The Milwaukee Press listing Ralph Kuhli as Editor-in-Chief, Certificate of Confirmation, photos of family gatherings, Boy Scouts, and Confirmation at Hope Lutheran Church. 1 3
1929: Photos and newspaper clippings from Kuhli’s campaign and victory in the Scroll Editor Election – Washington High School. Boy Scouts go to camp – photos and news clippings. 1 4
1930 (1 of 3): High school graduation (newspaper clippings, photos, commencement, diploma), camp photos, “the first photo shot by Ralph Kuhli,” Washington High class of 1930 50th Anniversary planning committee correspondence, Harmon Award application materials, Boy Scout photos, news clippings, and Troop Leadership & Service to Scouting record. 1 5
1930 (2 of 3):  Leadership & Service to Scouting continued – photos, news clippings, awards, and letters. 1 6
1930 (3 of 3): Leadership & Service to Scouting continued – photos, news clippings, etc. 1 7
1931: Milwaukee State Teachers College Transcripts, Boy Scout photos 1 8
1932: Songs & poems by Kuhli, Photos and newspapers from Indian Mound Reservation Boy Scout camp, programs from play and reception in which Kuhli participated. 1 9
1934-1935: Photos and news clippings from his years at Milwaukee State Teachers College and Boy Scouts. Articles written for the MSTC newspaper by Kuhli. Transcripts from MSTC. 1 10
1937-1939: Photos from camp, family and friends, portraits of Kuhli. News clippings about scouts, book club, and a play Kuhli participated in. 2 1


1945 (1 of 2): Photos and documents from Kuhli’s time in the military. Many photos captioned, presumably by Kuhli. 2 2
1945 (2 of 2): Photos from Kuhli’s time in the military, Haymarket Theatre performance schedule, program from performance of “The Circle” by Maugham, “Ibsen and Peer Gynt” by Desmond MacCarthy. 2 3
1946 (1 of 3): Military leave- Photos from Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, some captioned. Postcard to “Kate.” 2 4
1946 (2 of 3): Military leave – photos from Paris and Italy, some captioned. 2 5
1946 (3 of 3): Military leave – photos from Italy. Postcard to “Kate.” 2 6