Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Wisconsin Commandery

Title: Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Wisconsin Commandery

Reference Code: Mss-0938

Inclusive Dates: 1864 – 1981

Quantity: 001.4 cu. ft.

Location: LM, Sh. 102

Abstract: The Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS) was instituted at the time of President Lincoln’s death.  It is an association composed of officers and honorably discharged officers of the Army, Navy and Marine Corps of the U.S., who actually served in the Civil War or their direct male lineal descendant, as well as civilian gentlemen who distinguished themselves for conspicuous and consistent loyal services to the National Government during the Civil War.

The association’s purposes were to preserve memories of the Civil War, advance the best interests of the soldiers and sailors, aid widows and their children, foster the cultivation of military and naval science, and strengthen the ties of fraternal fellowship.  At one time there were chapters (called commanderies) in Pennsylvania, New York, Main, Massachusetts, California, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, and District of Columbia.

Scope and Content: The collection includes circulars, pamphlets, memorials, newsletters, correspondence, registers and other ephemera documenting the Wisconsin Commandery.

Access and Use: No restrictions.  Some documents removed to rare documents box.

Language: English

Notes: The collection was processed by Janet Geronime, June 4, 1991.


Folder Heading Box # File #
Sherman & Hancock Letters (Copies – originals in rare documents box) 1 1
  -Letter from Winfield Scott Hancock, Major-General, U.S. Army, 1886    
  -2 letters from William Tecumseh Sherman, General, U.S. Army, 1889,
Circulars from Headquarters Commandery of the State of Wisconsin, 1885-1891 1 2
Circulars from Headquarters Commandery of the State of Wisconsin, 1892-1897 1 3
Circulars from Headquarters Commandery of the State of Wisconsin, 1898-1902 1 4
Circulars from Headquarters Commandery of the State of Wisconsin, 1903-1909 1 5
Circulars from Headquarters Commandery of the State of Wisconsin, 1910-1916 1 6
Circulars: Commandery-in-Chief, 1899-1916, 1977 1 7
Circulars: Miscellaneous from Commanderies of other states:
California (1891, 1900); Colorado (1889-1892); Illinois (1899); Maine
(1898, 1902); Massachusetts (1900, 1914); Minnesota (1886); New York
(1897); Ohio (1888, 1890, 1896, 1910); Pennsylvania (1909, 1915, 1916)
1 8
Constitution, 1905, and Registers (Roster), 1886-1917 1 9
Programs/Invitations for meetings and dinners, 1883-1920, 1977 1 10
Correspondence to and from Rev. Robert G. Carroon, 1977-1979 1 11
Correspondence to and from Rev. Robert G. Carroon, 1980-1981 1 12
Loyal Legion Historical Journal, Vol. 33, #2 – Vol. 36, #3 (1977-1980) 1 13
Newsletters 1 14
  The Banner (published quarterly by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War), Vol. 81, #3 – Vol. 84, #2 (1977-1980)    
  The Sanitary Reporter (published semi-monthly by the U.S. Sanitary Commission), Vol. II, #7 and #10 (1864)    
  Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (published by Headquarters – Dept. of Wisconsin), 1977-1980    
Pamphlets 1 15
  “The Campaign of Selma” by Lew M. Hosea, 1883    
  War Paper No. 4: “With Kilpatrick around Atlanta,” by Capt. George I Robinson, 1886    
  The Soldiers Field: Henry Lee Higginson, 1890    
  War Paper No. 9: “The Army of the Tennessee,” 1888    
  The Battle Flags and Wisconsin Troops in the Civil War and War with Spain. Compiled by J. Stanley Dietz, 1943    
  Civil War Battlefield Parks of Virginia, n.d.    
Memorials: Alphabetical list of names attached    
In Memoriam, A-C (1886-1917) 1 16
In Memoriam, D-H (1886-1917) 1 17
In Memoriam, J-Q (1886-1917) 1 18
In Memoriam, R-Z (1886-1917) 1 19
  Envelope containing small miscellaneous items such as a decal; card with biography of Everett Worthington Foster; advertising flyers; pamphlet-“Songs of the Union Army, 1860-1864 (1880); pamphlet-“The Story of Old Abe the War Eagle” (1946)    
  Notes of Decisions by the Commandery in Chief, ca 1890 (2 copies)    
  Family members of Hubert G. King    
  Pamphlet: “Our Military Strength-A Proposition,” by C.C. McClaughry, 1900    
  Invitations to join MOLLUS, 1897, 1898    
  Pamphlet: “Indiana and the American Civil War,” 1977    
  State Senate Resolution/Bill re creation of list of Civil War volunteer officers retired list, 1909, 1914    
  Correspondence, 1911, 1914    
  Pamphlet: “The War Library and Museum,” n.d.    
  MOLLUS Letterhead    
  Address delivered by Comrade E.Q. Nye, 1912    
  Miscellaneous flyers    
  Newspaper clippings and copies of articles/book excerpts    
Bound Volume: Register, 1906 1 Loose
Bound Volume: Minutes of Meetings, 1885-1897 1 Loose
Photographs of Individual Members (See attached list) 2  
Oversize Items Location
Memoriam for Philip Henry Sheridan OS LG “M”
See Also – on library shelves    
Swayne, Wager. The Ordinance of 1787 and the War of 1861
973.7  S84
MOLLUS Illinois Commandery.  Military Essays and Recollections, Papers Read Before the Commandery of the State of Illinois
973.704  I4
MOLLUS Wisconsin Commandey.  War Papers Read Before the Commandery of the State of Wisconsin.  4 vols.
973.74  M644


In Memoriam
Name Date of Death Place of Death
Albers, William Theodore Jan. 21, 1904 Sheboygan, WI
Allanson, George Sept. 2, 1901 Milwaukee, WI
Allen, Edward Wellington Feb. 18, 1907 Eau Claire, WI
Allen, Thomas S. Dec. 12, 1905 Oshkosh, WI
Angevine, William F. Dec. 22, 1912 Milwaukee, WI
Anson, Frank Amos Dec. 12, 1909 Milwaukee, WI
Armitage, John Edwin Jan. 11, 1908 National Home, WI
Ayres, David Cooper Feb. 1, 1890 Brooklyn, NY
Bacon, George Washington Oct. 31, 1910 Tarrytown, NY
Baker, Edward L. Dec. 22, 1891 Racine, WI
Barry, Alfred Constantine Mar. 26, 1888 [Not given]
Bauman, George Mar. 7, 1914 Oshkosh, WI
Baumbach, Charles von Dec. 23, 1901 Milwaukee, WI
Bean, Irving McCullough Nov. 20, 1910 Milwaukee, WI
Bell, Joseph McClellan Apr. 9, 1900 Milwaukee, WI
Bell, Samuel Apr. 18, 1913 Beloit, WI
Benton, Charles H. May 1, 1891 Fond du Lac, WI
Bird, George W. Oct. 1, 1912 Madison, WI
Bird, Harlan P. Nov. 24, 1912 Wausaukee, WI
Bloodgood, Edward Oct. 22, 1914 Mukwanago, WI
Boardman, Napoleon Dec. 21, 1899 Fond du Lac, WI
Bonesteel, Charles Hartwell Sept. 24, 1902 Died at sea, en route from Manila to San Francisco
Bonesteel, Jacob P. Sept. 14, 1895 Fond du Lac, WI
Brett, Fred Norris, M.D. Sept. 23, 1910 Green Bay, WI
Brodhead, E. H. Dec. 11, 1890 Milwaukee, WI
Brown, Richard Baxter Oct. 11, 1894 Milwaukee, WI
Bryant, Edwin Eustace Aug. 11, 1903 Died in Canada, en route to his home in Madison, WI
Buttrick, Edward K. Nov. 12, 1915 South Milwaukee, WI
Caldwell, Walter L. May 16, 1900 Oshkosh, WI
Caufy, Edward Dec. 24, 1914 Milwaukee, WI
Chandler, Ralph, M.D. Aug. 12, 1904 Milwaukee, WI
Chapman, Chandler Pease May 12, 1897 Madison, WI
Chapman, William Dec. 17, 1887 [Not given]
Cheney, Augustus Jackman Feb. 27, 1907 Oak Park, IL
Clark, Charles B. Sept. 10, 1891 Theresa, NY
Clarke, Almon, M.D. May 1, 1904 Pensacola, FL
Cleveland, Chester Dwight June 7, 1910 Oshkosh, WI
Clinton, George O. Oct. 23, 1907 Willmette, IL
Cole, Nathan Nov. 7, 1915 Sheboygan, WI
Colman, Edward Sept. 4, 1898 Sheboygan, WI
Comfort, A. Ivins Jan. 31, 1915 Milwaukee, WI
Crooke, George Oct. 17, 1899 Evanston, IL
Curtis, David W. Apr. 18, 1897 Fort Atkinson, WI
Danforth, Willis, M.D. June 5, 1891 Milwaukee, WI
Davis, Alfred Brick Sept. 30, 1913 Chicago, IL
Dawes, William Jason Aug. 19, 1887 Milwaukee, WI
Deane, Charles W. June 4, 1914 Milwaukee, WI
De Groat, Charles Henry Aug. 15, 1904 Fond du Lac, WI
Drake, Henry Thompson July 25, 1913 Milwaukee, WI
Duggan, Walter T. Jan. 2, 1915 Washington, DC
Ells, John Van Apr. 21, 1905 Milwaukee, WI
Enos, Herbert Merton Aug. 9, 1912 Waukesha, WI
Erwin, Charles Kalfus Jan. 7, 1907 Savanna, IL
Ewen, Milton Feb. 1, 1911 Saginaw, MI
Fairchild, Lucius May 23, 1896 Madison, WI
Felker, Charles W. Nov. 6, 1901 Oshkosh, WI
Fellows, Theodore A. Feb. 10, 1912 Genoa Junction, WI
Ferguson, Edward Sept. 18, 1901 Milwaukee, WI
Ferris, Eddy Franklin Oct. 22, 1908 Bozeman, MT
Fish, John Tracy Aug. 28, 1900 Milwaukee, WI
Foster, Amos P. May 20, 1916 Milwaukee, WI
Freeman, John C. Apr. 10, 1911 Topeka, KS
Frisbie, James S. Dec. 28, 1910 Soldiers’ Home Hospital
Gaylord, Augustus Mar. 30, 1901 New York, NY
Gibbon, John Feb. 6, 1896 Baltimore, MD
Gilson, Norman S. Sept. 21, 1914 Fond du Lac, WI
Ginty, George C. Dec. 9, 1890 Madison, WI
Goodwin, Henry Decker Sept. 22, 1913 Milwaukee, WI
Gove, Richard Leonidas May 8, 1907 Waukesha, WI
Graham, George Sept. 2, 1915 Tomah, WI
Gray, Edmund Baldwin July 8, 1903 Chicago, IL
Griffin, Michael Dec. 29, 1899 Eau Claire, WI
Gunther, Arthur May 25, 1909 Hartland, WI
Gwynne, Thomas Nov. 30, 1893 Milwaukee, WI
Haight, Theron W. Oct. 19, 1913 Waukesha, WI
Hamilton, Charles A. Nov. 29, 1901 Daytona, FL
Hamilton, Charles S. Apr. 17, 1891 Milwaukee, WI
Hancock, Winfield Scott Feb. 9, 1886 Governor’s Island, NY
Harnden, Henry Mar. 17, 1900 Madison, WI
Harshaw, Henry Baldwin Dec. 25, 1900 Milwaukee, WI
Hathaway, John L. Dec. 17, 1891 National Soldiers’ Home
Hayes, Rutherford B. Jan. 17, 1893 Fremont, OH
Heg, James Elmore (Elmer) Apr. 6, 1914 Waukegan, IL
Helmer, Albert M., M.D. Apr. 20, 1896 Milwaukee, WI
Hill, Robert July 3, 1906 Milwaukee, WI
Hills, Leander B. Dec. 15, 1893 Madison, WI
Hincks, Edward Ward Feb. 14, 1894 Cambridge, MA
Hinkley, Lucius Dwight Nov. 6, 1907 Milwaukee, WI
Hobart, Harrison Carroll Jan. 26, 1902 Milwaukee, WI
Holbrook, Arthur Jan. 23, 1917 Milwaukee, WI
Hollister, Albert H. Dec. 5, 1910 Madison, WI
Hooker, Samuel Jones Oct. 9, 1900 Milwaukee, WI
Houston, Alexander Ross Oct. 7, 1910 Milwaukee, WI
Howe, James H. Jan. 4, 1893 Boston, MA
Huntington, Charles P. Sept. 9, 1890 Milwaukee, WI
Husk, Lewis W. Mar. 20, 1911 Auburn, NY
Hutchinson, Buel Eldridge Mar. 10, 1903 Chicago, IL
Jackson, Robert W. June 13, 1915 Shawano, WI
Jenkins, John J. June 10, 1911 Chippewa Falls, WI
Johnson, Jerome B. Jan. 29, 1912 Milwaukee, WI
Jones, D. Lloyd Dec. 29, 1904 Milwaukee, WI
Kelly, John Mar. 10, 1910 Eau Claire, WI
Keyes, Dwight Whitmore Mar. 31, 1900 Milwaukee, WI
Kilbourne, Byron H. Aug. 24, 1897 North Lake, WI
Knox, Kilburn Apr. 17, 1891 National Soldiers’ Home
Lademann, Otto C.B. May 21, 1914 Milwaukee, WI
Lahee, Horace R. Aug. 14, 1899 Appleton, WI
Lyke, Hiram Francis Nov. 17, 1908 Oconomowoc, WI
Lyon, William P. Apr. 4, 1913 Eden Vale, CA
MacArthur, Arthur Sept. 5, 1912 Milwaukee, WI
MacVean, Donald Cassius May 16, 1887 [Not given]
Mann, Horace E. Mar. 3, 1915 Oak Park, IL
Marks, Solon Sept. 29, 1914 Milwaukee, WI
Mason, Darius Apr. 26, 1912 Spokane, WA
Mather, Fred Feb. 14, 1900 Brule River, WI
May, Darwin R. Aug. 26, 1899 [Not given]
Mayers, Charles George Oct. 21, 1893 Madison, WI
McKinley, William [U.S. President] Sept. 14, 1901 Buffalo, NY
McMynn, John G. June 5, 1900 Madison, WI
McWhorter, Paul Wheeler May 1, 1906 Waukesha, WI
Miller, Daniel McLaren Apr. 25, 1912 Oconomowoc, WI
Miller, Roswell Jan. 3, 1913 New York, NY
Miller, Wilmot F. Aug. 14, 1914 Milwaukee, WI
Mitchell, John Lendrum June 29, 1904 Meadowmere, Milwaukee Co.
Mohr, Oscar Nov. 5, 1908 Milwaukee, WI
Monteith, Robert Sept. 23, 1894 Madison, WI
Nelson, Thomas May 26, 1905 Milwaukee, WI
Niedecken, Henry May 5, 1910 Milwaukee, WI
Noyes, David Knox Nov. 24, 1900 Baraboo, WI
Noyes, Joshua Copp June 7, 1904 Oshkosh, WI
O’Reilly, Bernard Apr. 24, 1910 Milwaukee, WI
Osborn, Sylvester Webster Nov. 4, 1903 Darlington, WI
Ottilie, Charles Apr. 30, 1895 La Crosse, WI
Owen, Thomas James Apr. 7, 1915 Milwaukee, WI
Palmer, Henry June 15, 1895 Janesville, WI
Palmetier, Charles Apr. 5, 1901 Kenosha, WI
Parker, Benjamin F. Jan. 23, 1912 Milwaukee, WI
Parks, Warham Aug. 25, 1899 Oconomowoc, WI
Peckham, George Williams Jan.10, 1914 Milwaukee, WI
Pitman, William Goddard Nov. 23, 1906 Madison, WI
Potter, John F. May 18, 1899 Lake Beulah, WI
Pugh, Robert Thomas Apr. 7, 1903 Milwaukee, WI
Putney, Frank H. Dec. 1, 1914 Waukesha, WI
Quarles, Joseph V. Oct. 7, 1911 Milwaukee, WI
Rankin, Joseph Jan. 24, 1886 Washington, DC
Reeve, James Theodore Nov. 4, 1906 Appleton, WI
Reynolds, Benoni, O., M.D. Jan. 19, 1911 Lake Geneva, WI
Ries, Florian J. Aug. 12, 1910 Milwaukee, WI
Roberts, John J. Dec. 25, 1915 Waupun, WI
Roberts, Robert Newton Jan. 11, 1903 Waupaca, WI
Robinson, Charles D. Sept. 25, 1886 Green Bay, WI
Robinson, George Irving Jan. 14, 1909 Milwaukee, WI
Rogers, Earl M. Jan. 3, 1914 Milwaukee, WI
Rogers, Henry Gilman June 17, 1908 Oconomowoc Lake, WI
Ross, Charles Hill Sept. 6, 1910 Milwaukee, WI
Rowley, William Wirt Mar. 19, 1908 National Home, WI
Rusk, Jeremiah M. Nov. 21, 1893 Viroqua, WI
Sanderson, Edward May 20, 1889 Milwaukee, WI
Sanderson, Joseph Warner Jan. 8, 1910 Philadelphia, PA
Sheridan, Philip Henry Aug. 5, 1888 [Not given]
Sherman, William Tecumseh Feb. 14, 1891 New York, NY
Smith, Benjamin Jan. 25, 1904 Milwaukee, WI
Smith, Lionel Johnson Feb. 6, 1895 Madison, WI
Smith, Nicholas Jan. 19, 1911 Milwaukee, WI
Stebbins, De Wayne June 12, 1901 Algoma, WI
Steinmeyer, William May 10, 1892 Milwaukee, WI
Stoltze, Frank A. Apr. 19, 1905 Madison, WI
Sutherland, George E. Sept. 13, 1899 Chicago, IL
Swain, William Chester Sept. 15, 1909 National Home, WI
Thorndike, William Jan. 29, 1887 Milwaukee, WI
Tichenor, Willis V. Apr. 21, 1901 Waukesha, WI
Trowbridge, William Edward Feb. 10, 1916 Milwaukee, WI
Upham, John J. Oct. 21, 1898 Milwaukee, WI
Valentin, Harry A. Oct. 12, 1914 Milwaukee, WI
Van Slyke, Napoleon Bonaparte Feb. 14, 1909 Madison, WI
Vliet, Ernest Sept. 15, 1893 Milwaukee, WI
Vliet, John Black Jan. 10, 1910 Milwaukee, WI
Wallber, Albert Dec. 17, 1911 Milwaukee, WI
Ward, Andrew Jackson July 10, 1893 Hornellsville, NY
Watkins, William Wirt Dec. 8, 1896 Milwaukee, WI
West, Francis H. Mar. 6, 1896 Bessemer, AL
Wheeler, Cornelius Jan. 13, 1915 Milwaukee, WI
Whistler, Joseph N.G. Apr. 20, 1899 Fort Wadsworth, NY
Whiting, Joseph Bellamy Mar. 27, 1905 Janesville, WI
Wing, Isaac Henry Aug. 27, 1907 Bayfield, WI
Wiswell, George N. Jan. 7, 1902 Milwaukee, WI
Woodward, Gilbert M. Mar. 13, 1914 La Crosse, WI
Wright, James Ancel Dec. 21, 1911 Merrill, WI


MOLLUS Photo Collection
Envelope 1:
     Adams, Charles A.
     Albers, William T.
     Allen, Thomas S.
     Anson, Charles H.
     Anson, Frank A.
     Armstrong, Leroy G., M.D.
Envelope 2:
     Bacon, George W.
     Barnes, Henry L., M.D.
     Bauman, George
     Baumbach, Charles von
     Beach, William H.
     Beadle, William H.H.
     Bean, Irving M.
     Becher, John A.
     Bell, Joseph McC.
     Benton, Charles H.
     Bloodgood, Edward
     Boardman, Napoleon
     Brown, Richard B., M.D.
     Burnell, George W.
     Byers, Frederick W., M.D.
Envelope 3:
     Carleton, Charles A.
     Carter, George W.
     Carter, Richard
     Caufy, Eward
     Chapman, William
     Chase, George H.
     Cheney, August J.
     Clark, Charles B.
     Cleveland, Chester D.
     Cole, Nathan
     Copeland, Frederick A.
Envelope 4:
     Danforth, Willis
     De Groat, Charles H.
     Denniston, George C.
     Dinsmore, Albert G.
     Drake, Henry T.
     Eaton, George O.
     Erwin, Charles K.
Envelope 5:
     Ferris, Eddy F.
     Fish, John T.
     Fitch, Graham D.
     Frisbie, James S.
     Fuller, Sidney L.
     George, Thomas J.
     Gibbon, John
     Gilson, Norman S.
     Gove, Richard L.
     Greusel, Nicholas
     Gunther, Arthur W.
     Gwynne, Tom
Envelope 6:
     Haight, Theron W.
     Hamilton, Charles A.
     Hamilton, Charles B.
     Harris, Moses
     Harrison, Samuel A.
     Hathaway, John
     Hayes, Rutherford B.
     Heafford, George H.
     Helmer, Albert M., M.D.
     Hill, Robert
     Hills, Leander B.
     Hinkley, Lucius D.
     Holbrook, Arthur
     Hollister, Albert H.
     Houston, Alexander Ross
     Husk, Lewis W.
Envelope 7:
     Jackson, Heman B.
     Jackson, Mason
     Jackson, Riel E.
     Jackson, Robert W.
     Jenkins, John J.
     Johnson, Jerome B.
     Jones, D. Lloyd
Envelope 8:
     Kelly, John
     Kennan, Thomas L.
     Keyes, Dwight W.
     Kilbourn, Byron
     King, Charles
     Lademann, Otto C.
     Lahee, Horace R.
     Leighton, Walter H., M.D.
     Ludlow, Albert S.
     Lyke, Hiram F.
Envelope 9:
     Magdeburg, Fred H.
     Marcotte, Henry
     Mann, Horace E., M.D.
     Mason, Darius
     Mattox, Absalom H.
     May, Darwin R.
     Mayers, Charles G.
     McMynn, John G.
     Mitchell, John L.
     Monteith, Robert
     Moore, Webster P.
     Morton, Charles
Envelope 10:
     Niedecken, Henry
     Oakley, Franklin W.
     Oliver, Joseph B.
     Ordway, David S.
     Parker, Benjamin F.
     Parsons, Edwin B.
     Philler, Hugo, M.D.
     Pitman, William G.
     Putney, Frank H.
Envelope 11:
     Race, George S.
     Robinson, Charles D.
     Robinson, George I.
     Rogers, Earl M.
     Ross, Charles H.
     Rowley, William W.
Envelope 12:
     Scofield, Ed
     Smedberg, William R.
     Smith, Albert E.
     Smith, Elvin H.
     Sowle, Orlando T.
     Stanley, William S.
     Steinmeyer, William
     Stoltze, Frank A.
     Sutherland, Geo. E.
     Swain, William C.
Envelope 13:
     Tate, James Henry
     Thomas, George H.
     Thorndike, William, M.D.
     Tichenor, Willis V.
     Treat, Nathaniel B.
     Upham, John Jaques
     Upham, John J.
Envelope 14:
     Valentine, Harry A.
     Van Ells, John
     Van Slyke, Napoleon B.
     Vliet, John B.
     Waite, Charles
     Warner, Fred L.
     Watkins, William W.
     West, Francis H.
     Whistler, Joseph N.G.
     White, George Q.
     Wilde, Ferdinand A.