Milwaukee. Common Council, 1849-ongoing


Title: Milwaukee. Common Council

Call Number: Mss-0837

Inclusive Years: 1849 – ongoing

Bulk: 21.52 cu. ft. total

Location:        BV, Sh. 340, 341 (3.5 cu. ft.)
BV, Sh. 352, 357-359, 361-368 (18 cu. ft.)
OS SM “M” (3 items)

Abstract: The Common Council first met in 1846 after the three villages of Juneautown, Kilbourntown and Walker’s Point merged to form the City of Milwaukee.  The council’s duties included levying special taxes for city improvements, borrowing money/issuing bonds for street work, and to provide the building of sewers, sidewalks, etc.  From 1858-1874, Milwaukee’s Common Council consisted of two elected boards – the Board of Aldermen and the Board of Councilors (see Mss-0737 and Mss-0738 for those records).  The bicameral system was abandoned in 1874, and the current unicameral organization was adopted.

Scope and Content: Collection consists of council proceedings, publications, annual and miscellaneous reports, manuals and other ephemera.  The collection is arranged by the following series: Miscellaneous, Manual and Annual Reports, and Proceedings.

Administrative Note: Processed by Steve Daily, 1998, and Kevin Abing, 2000.

Series 1: Miscellaneous Box # Folder #
City Charter Related Publications 1 1
  -Charter & Ordinances of the City of Milwaukee 1849    
  -Amendments to the Charter of the City of Milwaukee 1858    
  -An Act to Revise, Consolidate and Amend the Charter of the City of Milwaukee 1874    
  -Tentative Draft of a Proposed Charter for the City of Milwaukee 1928 (2 copies)    
  -An Act to Confer Home Rule on Cities of the First Class in Wisconsin, prepared by Milwaukee Charter Convention, 1909    
City of Milwaukee Telephone Directories, 1928, 1936, 1949, 1960, 1978 1 2
Common Council The City Hall Reporter, 1897, and Journal of Proceedings, 1911-1936 (not inclusive) 1 3
Historical/Booster/Information Publications 1 4
  Milwaukee: Seventy Five Years a City (2 copies)    
  Making Milwaukee Mightier: A Record of Annexation and Consolidation, 1929 (2 copies)    
  It’s Great to Live in Milwaukee.  Here’s why…, 1948    
  Milwaukee at Mid-Century: A Brief Guide to her Government, 1948    
  Milwaukee is Yours!, ca. 1950    
  Milwaukee: An Overview of Milwaukee’s Government, a Brief History of Milwaukee and City Hall, n.d.    
  Gifts to the City of Milwaukee Prior to Its Eightieth Anniversary 1926 (2 copies)    
  Milwaukee: A History of City Government and How It Works, ca. 1979    
  Citizen’s Guide to Commissions, Committees and Boards, 1986    
  Milwaukee…A City of Progress Through Good Government, 1959 (published by the Milwaukee Sentinel) [2 copies]    
  Milwaukee Reports to the People, 1955 (published by The Milwaukee Journal) [2 copies]    
  “Your Common Council, Aldermen, Council Procedure, Ward map, Standing Committees”, 1968 leaflet (2 copies)    
Ordinance/Bills Related Publications 1 5
  Proposed Condemnation and Benefit Assessment Bill, Drafted Under Instructions of the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee “1930    
  -Copy of an ordinance authoring the Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company to construct, maintain and operate street railways in Milwaukee, 1900    
  -“Important Facts about New Condemnation and Benefit Law,” 1932 (2 copies)    
  -Rules of the Road, Ordinance of the Common Council, 1908    
Miscellaneous Reports 2 6
  City of Milwaukee Six-Year Capital Improvement Program 1954-1959    
  Schedules of the Recommended 1951-1956 Permanent Improvement Program    
  Miscellaneous Revenues Collected by Milwaukee with Comparative Charges by Sixteen Other American Cities    
  Review of Movement for Standardization of Public Employments, 1916    
  -Interpretation and Explanation of Trackless Trolley Ordinance, 1945    
  Strategic Budgeting & Resource Management: A System by Mayor Henry W. Maier, 1982    
  -Transcript of Proceedings, Utilities and Licenses Committee re Revocation of Class B License of William J. Shoemake, 1983    
  -1983-84 List of Liquor and Beer Licensees, 1983    
  -Information and Data on the Subject of Municipal Lighting, ca 1900    
  -An Act to Confer Home Rule on Cities of the First Class in Wisconsin, 1909    
  -Annual Report, Public Debt Amortization  Fund, City of Milwaukee, 1974    
  -Public Enterprise Committee Program for the City of Milwaukee, 1959    
Common Council Directories, 1901-1952, 1970 2 7
Miscellaneous 2 8
  Liquor license issued to Michael Eberhardt 1912    
  Liquor license issued to Wenzel Popp 1907    
  Liquor license issued to William Schilke 1894    
  U.S. Stamp for Special Tax on Retail Liquor Dealers 1875    
Blueprints for Civic Progress Capital Improvements Committee report 1952 2 LOOSE
City of Milwaukee Budgets, 1936, 1946, 1979 2 LOOSE
City of Milwaukee: Master Fact Book, ca. 1973 2 LOOSE
City of Milwaukee Proposed Six-Year Program of Public Improvements 1944-1949 2 LOOSE
Miscellaneous Reports (continued)    
Audit Report, City of Milwaukee, 1960 (2 copies) 2A LOOSE
Visual Organization Inventories, 1973, 1978-1981 2A LOOSE
Proposed Executive Budget, Summary and Supplement, 1980 2A LOOSE
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Department of Building Inspection and Safety Engineering Annual Report, 1963 2A LOOSE
Miscellaneous Reports (continued)    
Preliminary Report of the Committee on Streets and Terminals to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Plan Association 2B LOOSE
Report No. 37: Plural Bodies in the Milwaukee City Government, 1950 2B LOOSE
Report No. 38: General Organization Structure, Mayor’s Office, and Summary Comments, 1950 2B LOOSE
City of Milwaukee, Workable Program for Urban Renewal Recertification, 1960 2B LOOSE
Milwaukee Speaks on Housing and Blight Elimination, 1945 2B LOOSE
Management Staff Needs of the Mayor’s Office, 1955 2B LOOSE
Bridges to the Future, City of Milwaukee Capital Improvement Program, 1954 2B LOOSE
Capital Improvement Program, City of Milwaukee, 1963-1968 2B LOOSE
Report on Street Lighting Survey of the City of Milwaukee, 1915 2B LOOSE
Supplementary Report on Street Lighting Survey, City of Milwaukee, 1915 (2 copies) 2B LOOSE
Report on Municipal Light and Power System, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1934 2B LOOSE
Milwaukee Should Own and Operate its Gas Utility, ca. 1940s 2B LOOSE
Acquisition and Control of the Street Railway, Electric Light and Power and  Heating Utilities, Summary Report to Common Council, 1921 (2 copies) 2B LOOSE
Report on the Proposed Service-at-Cost Contract between Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co. and City of Milwaukee, 1924 (2 copies) 2B LOOSE
An Ordinance Constituting a Contract between the City of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company, 1924 2B LOOSE
Series 2: Manuals/Rules and Annual Reports Box # Folder #
Annual reports – 1921 to 1930 3 LOOSE
Annual reports – 1931 to 1936, 1939-1951 4 LOOSE
Annual reports – 1952-1966, 1968, 1970, 1972-1974, 1976-1977 5 LOOSE
Annual reports – 1976-1982, 1984 6 LOOSE
Manuals/Rules: 1880-1881, 1896, 1900, 1904, 1902, 1906, 1908, 1910, 1912, 1914, 1916, 1918, 1920 7 LOOSE
Series 3: Common Council Proceedings   Shelf
Proceedings 1872-1877, 1888-1905 BV 361
Proceedings 1906-1910, 1912-1918 BV 362
Proceedings 1919-1928 BV 363
Proceedings 1934-1942 BV 364
Proceedings 1943-1948 BV 365
Proceedings 1949-1952 BV 366
Proceedings 1952-1954 BV 367
Proceedings 1955-1956 BV 368
Proceedings 1956-1959 BV 352
Proceedings 1962-1967 BV 357
Proceedings 1962-1967 BV 357
Proceedings 1977-1980 BV 359
1937 annual consolidated report (2 copies) OS SM “M”
Milwaukee Civic News, 1938 OS SM “M”