Ricker Family Papers

Title: Ricker Family Papers

Reference Code: Mss-1137

Inclusive Dates: 1896 – 1954

Quantity: 4.5 cu. ft. total

Location:        CV, Sh. 293 (0.4 cu. ft.)

LC, Sh. 001 (0.5 cu. ft.)

OS LG “R” (2 items)

OS SM “R” (3 items)

Creator: The collection was donated by Adelaine T. Ricker, October 1941

Abstract: Most of the material in this collection are family mementos of Ralph and Eleanor Ricker.  Ralph was the son of John S. Ricker, a pioneer soap manufacturer in Milwaukee.  Ralph was born in the family home on N. Marshall Street, which later became the home of Gen. Arthur MacArthur, father of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.  Ralph graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1893 and practiced law for 30 years in the east before retiring and returning to Milwaukee.  He was an elder of Immanuel Presbyterian Church and he belonged to Chi Psi fraternity.

There is also one folder of material pertaining to Adeline Ricker (Ralph’s sister).  Adeline was a noted concert pianist, teacher, lecturer, group organizer and critic.  She was active in promoting Milwaukee’s first music week in 1924 and was a charter member of several music organizations.  She was hear frequently as organist for Christian Science churches and was a member of the Sixth Church of Christ, Scientist.

The balance of the collection consists of material pertaining to the Ricker family or special events or organizations – most with a Milwaukee connection.

Access and Use: No restrictions

Language: English

Notes: The collection was processed by Janet Geronime, March 1991.


Name Box # Folder #
Ralph and Eleanor Ricker (1883-1941)

–          Play script: “Exerbition of the Deestrick Skule”

–          Journal of Ralph Ricker’s Trip to Europe (1883)

–          Invoice and Geneva observation record of gold Swiss watch (1883)

–          Programs: Markham Academy (1885-1886)

–          Correspondence (1886, 1893)

–          Wedding Invitation (1897)

–          Certificates of Bar Admission (1893)

–          Teacher’s Permit (1904)

–          Card of Appreciation from Public Museum (1910)

–          Article by Ralph Ricker: “Alpha Chi of the Late Eighties and Early Nineties” (1916)

–          Certificates of admission to membership in The Presbyterian Church of Harrisburg (1924)

–          Programs: Chi Psi Fraternity Banquets (1940, 1941)

1 1
Ralph and Eleanor Ricker (1941-1947)

–          Magazine: The Purple and Gold (Official magazine of the Chi Psi Fraternity (1941)

–          Bulletin: Immanuel Presbyterian Church (1942)

–          Newspaper articles and letters from children at Milwaukee County Hospital (1943)

–          Reunion letter (1945)

–          Obituary – Ralph Ricker

–          Guest Book – funeral services – Ralph J. Ricker (1947)

1 2
Ralph and Eleanor Ricker (1947-1954)

–          Miscellaneous small items: Membership cards (1905, 1943, 1950-1952); passes to Senate and House of Representatives chambers (1929, 1934); and other items

–          Pamphlet: University of Wisconsin Half Century Club (1947)

–          Correspondence (1948, 1951)

–          Newspaper articles (Old MacArthur house) [1952-1953]

–          Program: University of Wisconsin Centennial Commencement (1845-1953)

–          Guest book – funeral services – Eleanor Arnold Ricker (1954)

1 3
Adeline Ricker

–          Advertising cards

–          Article from the Bulletin of the Milwaukee Art Institute

–          “Reminiscences of A. T. Ricker”

–          “Diary – Adeline T. Ricker” (1922 – 1937)

–          Diary (1932 and 1933-1937)

–          Correspondence (1923, 1940, 1944)

–          Program: “Milwaukee Music Week” (1924)

–          Script for a Christian Science Program (1941)

–          Obituary – Adeline T. Ricker

–          Memorial cards

–          Funeral bill (1945)

–          Guest book – funeral services – Adeline Ricker (1945)

1 4
Family History

–          Miscellaneous small items: birth announcements (1889-1890); memorial card (1891); Valentine’s Day card (with picture); other items

–          Pamphlets: Ricker Family Record (1877)

–          Miscellaneous items: notes; letters in German; invoices; wedding invitations; Nicollet Club reception invitation; programme of Parlor Entertainment; commencement programs; congratulatory notes re birth of baby; New Year’s cards; correspondence; newspaper clippings

–          “Reminiscences of an Ancestor” (1941-1942)

–          Historical and Biographical Sketch of the Ricker-Riker Family

1 5
Miscellaneous (1891 – 1949)

–          Religious pamphlets; songbooks; poems; newspaper clippings; programs – theatre, opera, Oratorical League, church services, clubs; souvenir – U.S. Battleship Oregon; theatre handbills; report by Wyeth Allen to Board of Trustees

1 6

–          Autograph book (1878-1941)

–          Small notebook:  Books read (1876-1916) and Letters sent            (1934-1937)

–          Kate Greenway’s Birthday Book for children (1880)

–          Excelsior Diary for 1887

1 7
Location Shelf
Adeline T. Ricker:

Autobiography/reminiscences 1859-1941

Diary 1922-23

Diary 1935

Scrapbook 1930s

Ralph Ricker:

Journal of European trip 1883

LC 001
Ralph Ricker, Diploma for Bachelor of Laws from the University of Wisconsin, June 21, 1893 OS SM “R”
Certificate admitting Ralph J. Ricker to Bar of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, November 21, 1927 OS SM “R”
Adeline T. Ricker, Certificate of proficiency and authority to teach piano, December 30, 1919 OS SM “R”
Diploma for Bachelor of Arts from Amherst College for R. Ricker, June 25 OS LG “R”
Diploma for Ralph Ricker from Markham Academy, 1886 OS LG “R”
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