Steiner, Louise

Title: Louise Steiner Papers

Reference Code: Mss – 1678

Inclusive Dates: 1880-1888

Quantity: .3 cu. ft.

Location: WHW CL 134

Abstract: Louise Steiner was a student in the Milwaukee Public School System during the 1880s. The collection includes learning materials and lessons from that time period.

Scope and Content: The collection includes learning and homework materials from the Milwaukee Public Schools for 7th and 8th grade. Subjects include spelling, writing and composition, science, arithmetic, drawing, homemaking, editing, and German language. The collection also includes an announcement of E.B. Wolcott’s children’s lecture on “The War of Rebellion,” Milwaukee newspapers from 1886-1888 in English and in German, German almanacs, information on the Red River Valley train line, advertisements, and Louise’s personal collection of calling cards

Access and Use: No Restrictions

Language: English and German

Notes: Use gloves while handling this collection


Name Box # Folder #
School Reports and Exams 1887 1 1
Art and Homemaking 1 2
German Language 1 3
Science and Arithmetic 1 4
Writing and Composition 1 5
Editing 1 6
Learning Materials 1 7
E.B. Wolcott’s War of Rebellion Lecture 1 8
Jugend Post German Newspaper 1887-1888 1 9
The Observer Newspaper 1886 1 10
German Almanacs 1880-1885 1 11
Red River Valley Line 1885 1 12
Advertisements 1 13
Calling Cards 1 14