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Street Name Conversions

In the early 1930s, the City of Milwaukee underwent drastic and sometimes confusing street name and address number changes. The following table allows users to convert the old street names to their current designations.  Once you have the new street name, open the appropriate file below to find the number conversion.

Abert Pl East to Fifth South

Fifth South to Juneau Av West

Juneau Av West to Reservoir Av West

Reservoir Av West to Thirty-Ninth North

Thirty-Ninth North to Wells West

Wells West to Young North

Old Street Name

Current Street Name

American Avenue

South Fifteenth Place

Arizona Avenue (East Part)

East Bennett Avenue

Arizona Avenue (West Part)

East Gauer Circle

Arnauld Avenue (from Blue Mound to Canal)

North 44th Street

Arnauld Avenue (from Canal to National)

South 44th Street

Auburn Lane

South 22nd Place

Belair Place

North 28th Place

Beulah Avenue

South Shore Drive

Claremont Street

West Olive Street

Clinton Street

South 1st Street

Ealing Lane

West Congress Street

East Street

West Traser Street

East Water Street

North Water Street

Eighteenth Street

South 23rd Street

Eighth Avenue

South 13th Street

Eleventh Avenue

South Sixteenth Street

Elizabeth Avenue

West Saveland Avenue

Elizabeth Avenue, East

East Saveland Avenue

Elliot Place

West Dewey Place

Fifteenth Avenue

South 20th Street

Fifth Avenue

South 10th Street

Fiftieth Street (from State to Juneau)

North Fiftieth Place

First Avenue (from Fowler to Canal)

North 6th Street

First Avenue (from Canal to end)

South Sixth Street

Fortieth Avenue

South 47th Street

Forty-first Avenue

South 48th Street

Forty-second Avenue

South 49th Street

Fourteenth Avenue

South 19th Street

Fourth Avenue

South 9th Street

Garden Street

South 5th Place

Greenbush Street

South 4th Street

Grove Street

South 5th Street

Gruber Avenue

West Cngress Street

Hanover Street

South 3rd Street

Island Avenue (up to Capitol Drive)

North Palmer Street

Jackson Drive

West Manitoba Street

Lexala Place

South 21st Place

Luther Place

North 55th Place

Maurice Street

West Messmer Street

Midland Avenue

South 9th Avenue

Nineteenth Avenue

South 24th Street

Ninth Avenue

South 14th Street

Nora Place

West Melvina Street

North Water Street (from Astor to Warren)

East Kane Place

Northern Place

West Hope Avenue

Northway Street

West Purdue Street

Northwestern Avenue

East Bennett Avenue

Oakwood Avenue

West Fairmount Avenue

Park Street (from South Water to Clinton)

East Bruce Street

Park Street (from Clinton to end)

West Bruce Street

Parker Avenue

South 1st Street

Pearl Street (from Burnham to Vilter Lane)

South 21st Street

Pennsylvania Avenue (From Delaware to Beulah)

East Bennett Avenue

Prospect Avenue South

North Prospect Avenue

Reed Street

South 2nd Street

Ripple Street

West Lancaster Avenue

Rose Hill Place

South 23rd Street

Ruth Court

North 24th Place

St. Francis Avenue

West Warnimont Avenue

St. Francis Avenue, East

East Warnimont Avenue

Second Avenue

South 7th Street

Sercombe Road (from 35th to 38th Street)

West Marion Street

Sercombe Road (150 feet north of Hope Avenue)

North 39th Street

Seventeenth Avenue

South 22nd Street

Seventh Avenue

South 12th Street

Sixteenth Avenue

South 21st Street

Sixth Avenue

South 11th Street

Sixty-fourth Street (from Center to Lisbon)

North Carlton Place

South Bay Street (from Kinnickinnic to Lenox)

East Bay Street

South Pierce Street

West Pierce Street

South Water Street (from Barclay to Clinton

East Seeboth Street

South Water Street (from Clinton to Reed)

West Seeboth Street

Stange Avenue

West Stark Street

Sylvester Place

South 10th Place

Tenth Avenue

South 15th Street

Third Avenue

South 8th Street

Thirteenth Avenue

South 18thStreet

Thirtieth Avenue

South 35th Street

Thirty-first Avenue

South 36th Street

Thirty-second Avenue

South 37th Street

Thirty-third Avenue

South 38th Street

Thirty-fourth Avenue

South 39th Street

Thirty-fifth Avenue

South 40th Street

Thirty-sixth Avenue

South 41st Street

Thirty-seventh Avenue

South 43rd Street

Thirty-eighth Avenue

South 44th Street

Thirty-ninth Avenue

South 45th Street

Townsend Court

West Townsend Street

Twelfth Avenue

South 17th Street

Twentieth Avenue

South 25th Street

Twenty-first Avenue

South 26th Street

Twenty-second Avenue

South 27th Street

Twenty-third Avenue

South 28th Street

Twenty-fourth Avenue

South 29th Place

Twenty-fifth Avenue

South 30th Street

Twenty-sixth Avenue

South 31st Street

Twenty-seventh Avenue

South 32nd Street

Twenty-eighth Avenue

South 33rd Street

Twenty-ninth Avenue

South 34th Street

Valley Road

South 2nd Street

West Street

South Greeley Street

West Fiftieth Street

North 50th Place

West Forty-seventh Street

North 48th Street

West Nineteenth Street

North 19th Place

West Thirty-ninth Avenue

South 46th Street

West Thirty-seventh Street (from Park Hill to Wisconsin)

North 38th Place

West Thiry-seventh Street (From Juneau to Vliet

North 37th Place

West Thirty-sixth Avenue

North 42nd Place

West Twenty-fourth Street

North 24th Place

West Water Street

North Plankinton Avenue