Photography Permits

trimborn-farm-wedding_1642uttkeAll exterior photography for weddings, class pictures, family photos, etc. is permitted on site and does require a permit through the Milwaukee County Historical Society. Please file permits no less than two weeks before your photo session date. Currently three types of permits are offered:

Nonprofessional Photography Agreement

Professional Photography Agreement

Professional Photography Agreement-Seasonal

*Permits are required year round*

Please contact Morgan O’Hara, Development and Events Manager, with any questions about what permit is appropriate based on your needs.

For reserved rentals, reserved photography sessions, special events, programming, tours, or maintenance may require occasional closure of the site to photographers. To guarantee access to the site, take photographs within any of the buildings, and/or use any images of the site for commercial purposes (i.e. commercials, magazines, sale of site images, etc) requires a photography agreement.

All photographers, must be respectful of the site’s historic nature and follow the on-site staff’s instructions at all times. Failure to comply will result in banning the photographer from the site in the future.

To avoid any conflicts, please call 414-273-8288 to let us know you are coming and to confirm the site’s availability 

Trimborn Farm is located at:
8881 W. Grange Ave.
Greendale, WI 53129