Gettelman Brewing Co. Lithograph

c. 1878-1910

Advertising painting of the Gettleman Brewery. Shows the factory with outlying buildings. “Gettleman Brewing Co. Milwaukee” in black script on the bottom. A circular picture of a hand holding a glass of beer is located  between the text.

To boast about production and facilities breweries would often have printing companies produced sweeping, picturesque views of the brewing complexes to wow customers with. In the case of this image of the Gettelman Brewing Co. complex, it was produced by the Henry Gugler Lithographic Co. in Milwaukee. Started in 1878 by German immigrant Henry Gugler, by the mid-1880s they handled all of the printing for the Pabst Brewing Co.

In addition to print advertising in city directories, calendars, and other forms of print, these large color prints of the manufacturing plants were commonly hung in tied houses and other taverns that had distribution contracts with the brewery being advertised.