Cup & Saucer


Porcelain with aqua blue and gold design, with the gold having a scroll-work type style.  On one side is gold scroll-work is monogramed the initials, “OPW”.  1895 is inscribed in gold leafing in between the letters.  The blue paint has been applied below the rim, on the outside of the handle, and at the base.  Gold scroll-work acts as edging next to the paint on all of these areas. 

The initials inscribed on the side of the cup denote a birthday gift to an unknown individual with those initials.  The inscription on the bottom of the plate gives a clue to the recipient’s identity, “Each New Year is another gem added to the glorious ornament of a noble Life. For the Ninety-Third Birthday April 19th, 1895”. The note is finished off with Frackelton’s maker’s mark.