Depression 1929 Collection, 1929-1940s

Title: Depression 1929 Collection, 1929-1940s
Call Number: Mss-0143
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A collection of various documents from the era of the Great Depression of 1929 in the United States.  Some deal with Federal agencies, departments and programs, while others represent the state of Wisconsin and Milwaukee.

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The collection was processed on April 9, 1997 by Steve Daily.


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Reports, Directory, Handbook

–          National Youth Administration of Wisconsin handbook, 1935

–          The Relation of County Homes to the Old Age Assistance Program in Wisconsin done by State Pension Department, 1939

–          Wisconsin Commission on Interstate Cooperation report, Jan. 1, 1939

–          Directory of Federal Agencies and Departments in Wisconsin done by National Emergency Council, Sept. 1, 1936

–          Unemployment and the Vocational Schools submitted by Wisconsin State Board of Vocational Education, Jan. 1, 1931.

–          Fifteenth U.S. Census, 1930: Wisconsin Bureau of the Census.

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Milwaukee Soup Kitchens 1930

– correspondence, receipts, bills, clippings

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Milwaukee Soup Kitchens 1930

– donation lists

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Miscellaneous 1 4
New Deal 1 5

Oversize Items


An address by Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt when she visited the NYA-Y 23 girls in their workshop on the 7th floor of Courthouse, Nov. 11, 1936. OS LG “D”