Pabst Ad Poster


Pabst Brewery advertisement emphasizing the progress that was made over 50 years of business. A large, stylized title “Pabst Brewery Co., 1894” is in the upper right. To the left of the company name are images of Frederick Pabst and Emil Schandein. The center of the poster has two figures, a smaller elf showing an older man the size of the brewery by that time. Below this is an image of the original brewery and it’s founder, Jacob Best, as well as the Pabst Trademark.

The Brewery was founded in 1844 by Jacob Best. Jacob’s son Phillip eventually took over the brewery. In 1862 Frederick Pabst married into the Best family and began working at the brewery in 1864. In 1866 he was made president, following Phillips retirement. Also in that year another son-in-law of Phillips, Emil Schandein, joined the brewery and together with Pabst they grew the company towards global distribution. The brewery was renamed in 1889 by the Board of Directors from “Best” to the “Pabst” in honor of the hard work of Frederick Pabst in creating a brewing empire.