Miller High Life Singers

Date Unknown

Miller advertisement for the “Champagne of Bottle Beer,” Miller High Life. The central focus in on waiters taking the form of a barbershop quartet. Holding beer trays and a High Life bottle, the figures are singing the products slogan. They are framed in a faux-wooden border with a natural look and the product name is in white framed in solid red on the right.

In 1906, Frederick Miller came up with a premium beer and held a contest to name it. With its high level of carbonation and clear color, similar to that of Champagne, the winning name that was chosen was Miller High Life, with the slogan, “The Champagne of Bottled Beer.” Originally bottled in mini “champagne” bottles to set it apart from other beers, Miller High Life is the longest running product from Miller Brewery. The unique tradition carries on, usually being sold in clear, oddly-shaped bottles with a distinctive gold and white label.