Pabst For Strength & Health

C. 1880-1930

A Pabst Brewery ad showing the Trademark being held by muscular arms. The ad promises Pabst products will provide strength and health.

Most likely an advertisement for The Best Tonic, the ad uses the slogan “for Strength and Health.” The Best Tonic and Malt Extracts would indicated on their bottles those individuals that should use the product, such as “nursing mothers, those with consumption, fever or wasting diseases, and those who cant sleep, or who have coughs and colds”. The last users indicated were convalescents, or “those recovering from any sickness”. “[They] will find that they will get Strength and Health back with surprising rapidity”. These specific Tonic users would indeed be good for Pabst business considering the directions for daily use. “Dose. A wine glass at each meal and one before retiring which equals one bottle each day. The Pabst Brewing Company”.