Pabst Ice Cream Beverage

Date Unknown

Pabst purple and white Ice cream beverage advertisement. There is a large icecream scooper and scoop on the top with a glass of Pabst Sparkling Beverage and the can next to it located in the center. With the purchase of 6 of these the ad suggests a free icecream beverage will be given.

A 1921 issue of the Soda Fountain “An Illustrated Monthly Publication for the Soda Fountain Trade”, indicated that the Pabst Brewing Company was being succeeded by the Pabst Corporation. They proposed to “manufacture and deal in various goods and wares. The brewery is still in operation to a certain extent making low alcohol beverages”. This transformation was in response to Prohibition, and the low alcohol beverage making continued at Pabst even after 1933 when alcohol was legal in the U.S. again. Pabst Sparkling Beverage is an example of the kind of product that became a regular sale associated with the Pabst name.